GM 5.3L Oil Suggestions

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Jun 16, 2003
Franklin, OH
I have an '01 GMC Sierra 4X4 with the 5.3L. I am debating between Amsoil and Mobile 1. I am also concidering the 0W-30 but am a little leary of it and leaning towards 10W-30. I would like to maximize my extended drain intervals. What oil filter? K&N or Mobile 1?
Why not use Mobil1 5w30? It's a very good year round oil for your climate (I live about 2 1/2 hours south of you), gives very good cold weather performance and meets your manufacturer specs. and is easy to find. I'm not sure about the filter, I always use AC filters in a GM vehicle.
Which filter would you recommend? The Pure-One seems like the best filtration for the money. Does it really restrict flow too much?
I believe Amsoil to give longer change intervals. I'm using M1 10w30 in my 5.3 Yukon and change about every 6k miles, when the oil change light comes on. That just makes it easy to know when to change it.

I use the M1 filter over the K&N due to the better filtering

Actually, I only use the M1 filter since I stockpiled them from KMart for $2-$4 when they went out of buisiness. I'd probably run and AC Delco, Supertech, or NAPA Gold if I didn't have all of these M1 filters laying around.
I have the same engine in my 2003 Chevy. I'm running Mobil 1 5w30 and I'm a few hunderd miled away from doing my 1st UOA. I switched from the Mobil 1 oil filter to the Napa Gold 1522 and I saw a tad bit pressure increese so I think it flows better. I'll post the UOA as soon as I get it!
I have the same engine in the same vehicle and I've been using either formula Shell or Pennz Multi Grade in the 5W30 weight year round. I couldn't imagine using 10w30 since the thing makes such a racket on startup anyway! I'm actually planning to go with a 0W30 HDMO instead of Mobil 1.
I've actually found that a little thicker oil quiets the slapping in my '02 5.3 somewhat. I'm using Mobil 1 10w/30 with K&N filter now and will be switching to Amsoil 10w/30 within a few days to try it out. I figured I'd try it in the truck sense my wifes 3.4 Grand am seemed to run quieter at startup when I switched it to Amsoil 5w/30 from Mobil 1 5w/30.
I'm curious as to what kind of mileage you all get with this truck. I have a customer with the chevy version, ext cab. I changed him over to Amsoil XL7500 5W-30 at 35,000 miles. He went from 19 to 22 mpg. At the next oil change I changed him over to Amsoil ATF and Gear Lube, now he gets 25 on the road. One more customer for life.

5.3 owners, what is your hot oil pressure at idle and crusing and WOT?

Mine is 45-50psi cold idle, 38psi hot idle, 50-60 crusing 40mph+ and 70-80 when I floor it. Are yous similer?
I'm just the same as you. My gauge is in kPa so it's a conversion. I use 5w30, I always feel the pressure is low, certainly since I don't get is fully hot much. When it does I figure it's low, but it lines up with your pressure.
My 2002 5.3L Yukon gauge never gets down to 40. I'm guessing, but hot idle is 45, cruise is about 55, and WOT is in the 70 range.
I have a 2000 Silverado 5.3 and when I used Mobil 1 0-30 it used about 3/4 to 1 quart per 5K miles.

I am currently using Mobil 1 10-30 and at about 3800 miles into the 5K interval with about 1/4 quart usage.

I may try Mobil 1 0-40 for my next change and see what happens. Also the with the 0-30 I used Mobil 1 filter. I currently am using a Napa Gold filter.

I switched to synthetic oil at 36K and was using Castrol GTX 5-30 in the winter and 10-30 in the summer with Fram filters. I never noticed any consumption, however I was changing the oil every 2500 miles.

Live and Learn!!!
It gets fairly cold in Ohio in the wintertime, so I'd go with the Amsoil 5w-30 over their 10w-30. High temp properties of these two oils is almost identical, but the 5w-30 will flow a bit better in subfreezing weather.

I have 2003 Silverado 5.3L Z71.. I used to have a 200 Camaro SS with an 5.7L LS1.. I have installed several sets of aftermarket heads on those cars.. some on cars with M1 and some on cars without... The cars without M1 diffinately had more sludge and deposit buildup than on those with M1.. Therefore, I only use M1 in my vehicles now... My truck had 985 miles on the factory fill oil before being swapped out to M1.. and I plan on changing it every 3k miles...

Originally posted by blsnelling:
I have an '01 GMC Sierra 4X4 with the 5.3L. I am debating between Amsoil and Mobile 1. I am also concidering the 0W-30 but am a little leary of it...

bl...I wanted to address the last part of your quote. You are not the first to be leary of the Zeedubs but I will tell you I have used M1 0W-30 in a Ford Taurus 3.0L first use at 75K and had no problems. No oil use, no clatter on start, no oil pressure problems...nothing. I would not want you to do something you are really uncomfortable with but I have no problem recommending the Zeebubs for a healthy engine and where there will not be a potential warranty "conflict."
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