Mazda 2.5T Oil Selection

Oct 6, 2016
I have a late model Mazda 2.5l turbo ready for an oil change. The vehicle sees a lot of short trips but also a couple of longer trips each week that would allow for a full warm up. 5 days a week mileage is 5 miles round trip, the other two are 60 miles round trip.

The manual recommends API SM or SN 5w-30 with a 5k mile oil change for severe service. Manual recommendations outside of the US are all over the board for the NA engine, but it seems maybe the forced induction variant is only sold in the North America?

I’ve been leaning towards Mobil 1 ESP 5w-30 but wondered if a 5w-40 should be considered to help with short trip fuel dilution? My local Wal-Mart stocks Mobil 1 FS 5w-40 and my AZ stocks ESP 5w-30. Generally speaking I prefer Mobil 1 products, but for no other reason than personal experience and bias.

Summer temps see highs in the upper 90’s with occasional 100 degree days. Winter lows are in the teens with a hand full of 0 degree days. The vehicle is parked outside. Overall I am not located in a harsh environment. I tend to keep vehicles until the 200k mile mark.

I’ve searched and see plenty of discussions about GDI/ TGDI engines but not a lot relating specifically to Mazda’s 2.5 Turbo Skyactive engines.

Looking forward to the groups input. Thank you.
Due to the fuel presence in the oil, I prefer to change it every 4k miles or so. I use whatever synthetic 5W-30 that can be found reasonably priced. Pennzoil Euro L 5W-30 or the Mobil 1 ESP are good options. Mine has seen plenty of Castrol Edge High Mileage and Valvoline Maxlife, as well as those two previously mentioned.

Keep an eye on the oil level.