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Jan 28, 2003
Can someone tell me the "agreed" specs on GC 0w-30 ? I'm asking rather than searching because sometimes things in previous posts are determiend to be incorrect and I might miss the most recent post with correct information. Someone who has been following this issue will surely know? [Smile] Now on issues like the Jeep 4.0, I have been spending time on the issue that I know what's going on and know better than ask! [Wink] -brian
By specs I mean HTHS, flashpoint, TBN, evaporative loss, visc40, visc100, VI, CCS, ... Thanks again. -brian
CASTROL SYNTEC SAE Grade 0W-30 Viscosity@ 100° C, cst ASTM D-445 - 12.1 210° F, SUS ASTM D- 2161 - 66.8 Low Temperature (ºC) Cranking Viscosity, cP max ASTM D-5293 6200@-35 Low Temperature (ºC) Pumping Viscosity, cP max ASTM D-4684 60000@-40 Specific Gravity ASTM D-1298 0.847 Pounds Per Gallon 7.05
Thanks but what about the HTHS or evaporative loss or visc 100C - is the SUS at 210F equiv? -brian
Brian, The info I posted above came from Castrol's website. That's all the info that's given about GC. Sorry [Frown] I guess the elves don't like to talk.
The ACEA A3/B3/B4 version of Castrol Syntec 0W-30 has a HT/HS viscosity of 3.5 cP @ 100 C. I don't know the Noack % but it must be equal to or less than 13% to meet the toughtest ACEA specs.
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