Fram vs Advanced Auto Parts

Wow do tell!

Discount codes, coupons, and looking for pricing errors is how I like to shop and save money at AAP. For example yesterday I found a bottle of Red Line SL-1 fuel system treatment listed in-store for $9.99. That is normally $14.99 and I pointed out $9.99 price tag to the staff at checkout and they honored the $9.99 price without questioning anything. With a $5 off coupon I paid $5.49 after tax, the funny thing is I went in to get a bottle of Royal Purple Max Clean for $18 but could not pass up this opportunity to get this bottle of SL-1.

Also if you turn in a used battery at AAP they give you a $10 gift card. I have gotten several of those and put them to good use.
....I don't see the value of $14.99 over an $8.99 (or less) Ultra.
Agreed. Using the XG7317, (the filter app I use most) quoted Titan.. AAP current price accurate. Listed XG Ultra price currently ~$8.50 everyday (online price for pickup) WM/Amazon price. Last two XG7317 I purchased from the latter with S&S. <$7 each.

Also over the years, with very few exceptions I've found I can do better buying the oil and filter separately than any AP store oil/filter change "specials". Examples, recent OCs include RGT free after rebate jugs. And RGT $10/jug AAP closeout, M1AFE, $10/jug AR. Not to mention using the oil and filter combo of 'my' choosing.

That said, nothing whatsoever against AAP. Bought many items including many batteries and rotors using codes. But the days of 40%+ off codes are long gone. Generally when I've contacted AAP customer service through the toll free number, I've been treated well.

Again, just not seeing value in the topic AAP Titan, over the readily available Ultra XG.
LoL ... better go back to Motorcraft. ;)
I still use motorcraft FL500s , FL1A . Just not FL820s until they fix the tear . When it come to Ford I always use motorcraft oil filter . Just for fl820s is when I pick other brand like fram or mobil 1 since I ONLY shop my oils and filter at Walmart

next oil change on my cobra or my 5.4l 3v imma change with fl820s just for the hell out off it since I put 50 miles a years . It should be ok

really at this point of my life and what going on with the world . I really don’t care any more . Anything can do the job . Come down to what easy available that day when I come look at the oil filter . If it don’t have fram part number I need . I get motorcraft . If it don’t have motorcraft I get Mobil 1 . If it don’t have Mobil 1 I get K&N . Whatever available that day.

same with oil . What ever oil as long it’s the weight I need . Keep life simple . I don’t want think too much any more , I’m tired of it .
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Never ever saw them in my AAP stores... Not once.
As a former AAP employee, both DIY and Commercial Parts Pro, I am not surprised that your AAP is different. We were a HUB store for the entire district. We sold about $58k per week combined, 4 trucks just for Commercial deliveries. 2 Customers that had both bought over 1 million of parts