Ford recalls nearly 200,000 SUVs because they could catch fire.

Jun 8, 2022
I am not doubting your experience and I have never owned a Panther....but I've owned 6 Fords and replaced 1 sensor - Fuel Pressure Sensor on my 07 Mustang.
Mine must have been built on Monday AM. Every Sensor. Burnt a valve up at 100K - just one - the rest were fine. Had to pull the whole engine to get the head off because the firewall was in the way of the rear head bolt - couldn't get it out. Ran for another 80K after that, was completely worn out. I grew up in a Ford family and ran only fords for years, but haven't considered one since. The 88 F150 I also had at the time was quite reliable - except for the stupid fiber timing gear that went on it early. Luckily I-6 was not a interference engine so it was an easy fix.


Nov 6, 2017
Since we've had some discussion of vehicle fires in general here, I sometimes enjoy Watch Wes Work and I found this vid entertaining and educational. Pretty amazing this Blazer didn't go up in flames and most of it was from a CAD wire rubbing the steering shaft (plus dumb owners who figured if one fuse blows, just install a fuse with a higher amperage rating)