FINAL UPDATE - Defective Fram Ultra? Missing ADBV leads to engine damage in 2018 Mazda6?

I like Fram and use their filters but I suspect this resolution is out of the ordinary. I think that a) typically NDAs are involved in these cases and b) the internet "attention" it received helped get it settled quickly and fully.
Ultra filter elements are on the heavy side, with steel mesh backing, 2 layer media, and steel end caps. When combined with a not very strong can & leaf spring, it doesn't take much of a drop to get loose. The Ultras I've cut appear to have the same leaf spring as the PH/Extra Guards and even the Fram Core filters, plus the bypass valve in them removes metal & weakens them even further. I've never heard of an EG rattling.
its of course good that Fram took care of business for you, BUT no Fram filters before or surely after reading this post + thanks for the update!
All the more reason I just buy OEM filters, or the brand that makes the OEM filter. (VW = Hengst or Mahle, for example.)