Ex-Green Beret Vietnam Vet To Kerry.....

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If you ask me the liberals and the conservatives have switched sides. You have Republicans cutting taxes and allowing people to do what they want with their money. You have Democrats trying to control how people think, what cars/trucks they drive, how they live, and even denying Christians the right to have a Christmas display at Christmas, while people of other religious faiths can have displays. Something wrong here. I guess I am still a liberal. The Democrats have become conservatives!
It angers me to no end that those people can least afford a democrate in office vote for them!I get so tired of their mud throwing. SO far we have not seen any mud throwing or below the belt shots from Bush! Bush did not run that type of campaign before and he will not run that type of campaign now! The Democrates do not have a platform to run with other then to try to bash Bush!
I'm not gonna say much (just to stay out of trouble), but I will say this. Kerry's farse will be uncovered and at the end of the day, he will go back to lala land with his tail between his legs. I believe his military record is STRONGER than Bush's. I believe he wiped his butt with the flag and all the decorations and basically deserted his country the minute he opened his mouth and de-monized the american troops. I will not make any excuses for Bush and I will let the chips fall where they may (there is nothing I can do anyway), but the military, although fairly organized DOES lose people's records. For abour 6 months the military was over paying me by $225, even though I had toll them to fix it....even so, they still over paid me by an extra $650 on top of the monthly $225. Now I'm paying more than $3000 back [Mad] . My point is that records, pay stubs and all sorts of paperwork DO get lost. Also, somebody out there knows where Bush was....for better or worse......I have a feeling such person(s) do not want to get involved in the mess.
I don't like Bush, but my problem now is, I do not like Kerry either. At the beginning of the primary race, I really disliked Kerry because he comes across as an Aristocratic Know-it-all. I recently have warmed up to him a bit, but my dislike of him now may be greater than in the beginning because what he says and what he does do not jive. He plays the political winds more than any other Senator, and becuaes of that, he has been on the wrong side of more votes than most senators. I can't stand how he practically phillibusters his awnsres, sometimes minutes past when his turn is up. I do however, feel that he will be less of a tax and spend democrat than in the past, based upon our current economic situation. I'd rather have a tax and spend democrat, then a burrow and spend republican. Burrow and spend may put more money in your pocket today, but you will eventually have less money in your pocket in the future. I may just end up not voting in this election [Frown]
Well, Bush may not be the most *presidential* guy and he surely doesn't have the polish of Clinton or Reagan, but I sure feel alot safer with him in charge than I would ever feel with Gore or Kerry. Our economy depends on people spending their money and they will not do that if they feel uncertain and scared. If Clinton had been doing his job instead of his intern, bin laden could have been eliminated before he attacked us. I hope Bush kicks bin laden and Kerry in the *** !
I am about the same age as our President and I served in the Air National Guard during the same time frame as did he. I had lots of good friends in the guard. In fact, I worked full time for the guard for a year, and I volunteered for many missions above and beyond my obligation. Point is, I was well known at that base. But, I couldn't begin to prove my attendance. Nor could I verify the attendance of any other guard member. Now, I could say that I knew that so and so was in the guard, and that I observed them at meetings. But, did he make them all, or any one in particular? Beats me. OK, where were you on Saturday and Sunday, April 3rd and 4th, 37 years ago? Was old Larry there? How about Buzz? Did Gale attend that weekend? BYW, my best friends daughter joined the guard last year. She's been in Iraq for 2 weeks now. Oh, and she got right in. Wait till I tell her dad that he's an elitist that got her into the guard. He was a grunt Marine in 'Nam. Still has lots of problems from that experience. Oh, and I got into the guard in less that 2 months when there was a long waiting list. How'd I get in? I don't know. But, I do know that it wasn't connections. I went to the guard with the friend of my buddy I referenced in the above paragraph. I simply went along for the ride and to see the planes at the base. They handed me an application and I just took it and filled it out. The rest is history.
Originally posted by TC: And yet when Bush spends much of his time bouncing across the country on Air Force One from one political rally to another, and from one multi-million dollar fundraiser to another, routinely riding in dozen-vehicle motorcades along police-closed expressways in the process, we're supposed to look the other way, huh..? Please see my post in another thread addressing "hypocrisy."
You sound like a 2 year old. Your envy is killing you. You can't stand Bush because he's good at what he does. .....and you're extremely pizzed because you know he is going to win! [LOL!]
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