Ex-Green Beret Vietnam Vet To Kerry.....

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Jan 13, 2004
Ex-Green Beret Vietnam Vet To Kerry..... 'You Are A Liar, Phony, Opportunistic Hypocrite" My wife had rotator cuff surgery earlier this year, and the recovery is terribly painful. Then, she developed a staph-epi infection, and they had to cut the same scar open and operate on her again. Just thinking about the pain and anxiety of facing that painful surgery a second time in the same wound, makes me cringe. That experience, however pales in comparison to what I am going through right now, in my heart. The old hurts are surfacing and the feelings of betrayal by fellow citizens, and their leader stirring them up, are breaking my heart again. I am being cut in the same scar. How did we who served in Vietnam suddenly become cold-blooded killers, torturers, and rapists, of the ilk of the Nazi SS or the Taliban? Most of us were American soldiers who grew up idolizing John Wayne, Roy Rogers, and all the other heroes. That was why I volunteered. But for political expediency, John Kerry has rewritten history, again. After spending only four months in the country of Vietnam, John Kerry testified before Congress in 1971 with these exact words about incidents he supposedly witnessed or heard about from other vets: “They personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages, shot cattle and dogs for fun, poisoned food stocks, and generally ravaged the countryside of South Vietnam." I was a green beret officer who volunteered for duty in Vietnam and fought in the thick of it in 1968 and 1969 on a Special Forces A-team on the Ho Chi Minh Trail, just for starters. We were the elite. We saw the most action. Everybody in the world knows that. But we did not just kill people, we built a church, a school, treated illnesses, passed out soap, food, and clothing, and had fun and loving interaction with the indigenous people of Vietnam, just like our boys did in Normandy, Baghdad, Saigon, and everywhere American soldiers ever served. We all gave away our candy bars and rations to kids. Our hearts to oppressed people all over the globe. My children and grandchildren could read your words, and think those horrendous things about me, Mr. Kerry. You are a bold-faced, unprincipled liar, and a disgrace, and you have dishonored me and all my fellow Vietnam veterans. Sure, there were a couple bad-apples, but I saw none, and I saw it all, and if I did, as an army officer, it was my obligation to stop it, or at the very least report it. Why is there not a single record anywhere of you ever reporting any incidents like this or having the perpetrators arrested? The answer is simple. You are a liar. Your medals and mine are not a free pass for lifetime, Senator Kerry, to bypass character, integrity, and morality. I earn my green beret over and over daily in all aspects of my life. Eight National Guard green berets, and other National Guard soldiers, have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, and you totally dishonored their widows and families by lumping National Guard service in with being a draft-dodger, conscientious objector, and deserter, just so you can try to sabotage the patriotism of our President who proudly served as an Air National Guard jet pilot. I have a son earning his green beret at Fort Bragg right now, and his wife serves honorably in the Air National Guard, just like President Bush did, and I am as proud of her as I am my son. I volunteered for Vietnam and have no problem whatsoever with President Bush being our Commander-In-Chief. In fact, I am proud of him as our leader. John Kerry, you personally derailed the Vietnam Human Rights Bill, HR2883, in 2001, after it had passed the House by a 411 to 1 vote, and thousands of pro-American Montagnard tribespeople in Vietnam died since then who could have been saved, by you. Earlier, as Chair of the Senate Select Committee on MIA/POW Affairs, you personally quashed the efforts of any and all veterans to report sightings of living POW’s, when you held those reins in Congress. You have fought tooth and nail to push for the US to normalize relations with Vietnam for years. Why, Mr. Kerry? Simple, your first cousin C. Stewart Forbes, CEO, of Colliers International, recently signed a contract with Hanoi, worth BILLIONS of dollars for Collier’s International to become the exclusive real estate representative for the country of Vietnam. “Hanoi John,” now that it works for you, you beat your chest about your Vietnam service, but to me, you are a phony, opportunistic, hypocrite. You are one of those politicians that is like a fertilizer machine: all that comes out of you is horse manure, and you are spreading it everywhere. Medals do not make a man. Morals do. Don Bendell Canon City, Colorado Don Bendell served as an officer in four Special Forces Groups, is a best-selling author with over 1,500,000 copies of his books in print worldwide, a 1995 inductee into the International Karate Hall of Fame, and owns karate schools in southern Colorado.
Lets not forget these Veterans are still battling today aginst numerous health problems that the war contributed to such as cancer and ptsd. A dear friend of mine who was in special forces in Nam died from cancer about five years ago. He had a tumor under his armpit about the size of a grapefruit. He left behind a wife and a 13 year old daughter! Bless his sole! My uncle is also battling the after effects of the war. He has been battling cancer and has blood disease since returning from Nam. He also survived a brain anuerism. So the war never ended!
My Dad is a lifer and I can tell you it is hard on all vets and their family's. 1971-1994 U.S. Army. People outside of the milatary just have no idea the types of scarifices these men and their familys make! It angers me to no end to see how we treat our Vets collectively. Nothing like promiseing them free health care for life then makeing them pay for medical insurance for their dependents while active and themselfs once they retire! 20 years of sleeping 5 hours or less a night and routionely going months on little sleep 3-6 hours every 2-3 days, recieveing yearly inoculations in large quantity, eating a poor diet, running and exerciseing every day, and dealing with high stress situations daily that are almost impossable destroys the body! Physicaly their bodys are usualy in great shape but chemicaly their bodys are usualy out of whack if they were in any MOS that was Combat Arms. Most people do not reliase how many vets that retire after 20 years of service end up dead with in two years of retirment! A lot of them develop heart diease, diabeties, and rare cancers at very young ages!
Looks like Don Bendell sacrificed and served his country when called, and he should be commended for that. OK. Now that we've heard a pro-Bush former soldier's venom, how about hearing from the veterans who actually served with Kerry? "Of the nine surviving crewmen, seven, including Mr. Sandusky, have made campaign appearances for Mr. Kerry. Another, Mr. Sandusky said, supports Mr. Kerry but wants nothing to do with politics. The crew has lost touch with the remaining man." "It was a brave thing to do," Mr. Sandusky said. "We had been in firefights with John (Kerry) before. We already knew he has unfailing instincts. We owe him our lives, and he owes us his. We were a boat crew. We were tight." "There was a strikingly strong bond between Lieutenant Kerry, who has often been portrayed as aristocratic and aloof, and the enlisted sailors on the two swift boats he commanded." "I love John Kerry," said James R. Wasser, who in fall 1968 was the lead petty officer, or second in command, on Mr. Kerry's first boat, P.C.F.-44, for patrol craft fast. "He's my brother. I would do anything for him." "Douglas Brinkley, a historian whose "Tour of Duty: John Kerry and the Vietnam War" was recently published by William Morrow, said he had interviewed hundreds of veterans and was struck by their support for Mr. Kerry's candidacy. Many see him as restoring a sense of honor to Vietnam veterans, he said." http://www.nytimes.com/2004/02/24/politics/campaign/24COMB.html?fta=y Bendell also devotes a paragraph to the conservative strategy of attempting to portray attacks on Bush's preferential entry into the Guard, and subsequent AWOL record there, as "Attacks on the National Guard." (For those who forget, Bush leapfrogged over 500 better qualified applicants, got the lowest allowable score on the pilot's aptitude exam -- 25 points, was awarded an officer's rank even though he somehow managed to skip Officer Candidate's School, and then pulled off a rare miracle in leaving the Guard 8 months early to go back to school.) By Bendell's definition, Colin Powell must be one of those attempting to "dishonor Guard members" when Powell wrote in his autobiography: "I am angry that so many of the sons of the powerful and well-placed managed to wangle slots in Reserve and National Guard units. Of the many tragedies of Vietnam, this raw class discrimination strikes me as most damaging to the ideal that all Americans are created equal and owe equal allegiance to this country." As for Kerry's congressional testimony, this came about at roughly the same time that the atrocities claimed during the My Lai Massacre and Operation Phoenix came to light. During his court martial for the My Lai Massacre, Lt. William Calley testified that Cpt. Ernest Medina had ordered that anybody they couldn't move would be "wasted," and this is why Calley testified that he and his men killed 350 unarmed Vietnamese, including more than 100 civilian men, women, and children. In Operation Phoenix, the CIA set up provincial interrogation centers to determine the fate of VC suspects, with a reported goal of "neutralizing" 1,800 VC detainees each month, with about one-third of VC suspects ultimately killed while in custody. http://www.rotten.com/library/history/war-crimes/my-lai-massacre/ http://www.serendipity.li/cia/operation_phoenix.htm [ February 28, 2004, 09:26 PM: Message edited by: TC ]
Well the flap over Bush's Guard Duty has died down and the same should occur for Sen. Kerry. I think folks should concentrate on the last 10 years or so on both men.
Labman: I honestly had no desire to bring this matter up again since it's already been hashed out on these boards in detail. But the Don Bendell letter -- the original post above -- harshly devotes an entire paragraph to it, so it's fair game for a response. "Lt. Bush has not been observed at this unit during the (1 year) period of this report" (May 1, 1972 thru April 30, 1973). Texas Air National Guard annual evaluation signed by Lt. Col. William D. Harris Jr., and Lt. Col. Jerry B. Killian, May 2, 1973. I ain't makin' this stuff up -- the scanned doc's are posted on the Net. A 1 yr absence does NOT equal "a few missed drills." [ February 28, 2004, 11:44 PM: Message edited by: TC ]
TC, take a good long look at the cover of that book that John Kerry wrote. Take a good long look at what he did after he returned from Vietnam. Take a good long look at his voting record. Now tell me that Bush missing a few National Guard meetings compares to what Kerry has done. And there is plenty of proof that he did fulfill his National Guard service. If the Democrats choose to keep bringing up this nonsense they deserve to get pounded with the stuff from Kerry's history. This will probably be the most dirty campaign in history and the Democrats are largely to blame for it.
And yet when Bush spends much of his time bouncing across the country on Air Force One from one political rally to another, and from one multi-million dollar fundraiser to another, routinely riding in dozen-vehicle motorcades along police-closed expressways in the process, we're supposed to look the other way, huh..? Please see my post in another thread addressing "hypocrisy." [ February 29, 2004, 12:41 AM: Message edited by: TC ]
I already know what Kerry will do as President. He will tax and spend. He will tax the heck out of us repeel the Bush tax cuts. He will then give the money he takes out of my wallet to some wasteful program that will devour most of it with buracey and a little will go to those that are in need. So social welfare programs will get a boost in staffing while defeense budgets will be cut! Inspite of Clinton progress has been made on some of Ronald Regan's Star Wars Ideas! We are slowly proveing that these systems can work. These programs have been slowed down by lack of funding! A lot of countrys now posses nuclear capabilitys. N.Korea will sell ICBM tech. to anyone. Packistan and India have in thereater Nuclear cabibility, Isreal has 52 nukes so does Iran etc... These new weapons programs are sadly needed. Most of our frontline aircraft have been in service since before 1979. F15,F16,A10,C130,F111(limited use), Cosair, F14,B1B,B52,Chinok,Intruder, Cobra(as cobra II) and their are more! The infantry could use some new weapon systems and more technology intergration as well! Their are restureing needs as well. I think the fight on teror is criticly important. We have to see this through! If Kerry gets in power all he will do is bend over and let Europe and Middle east screw us! He will turn everything over to the U.N. includeing U.S. Milatary assets! We all know that the U.N. can not accomplish $hit! We could have been done in Bosnia and Cosovo in no time if not for U.N.! Look at Mogadishu another SNAFU due to U.N. involvement and U.N. rules of engagement! I would rather Kerry kept his hands out of my pocket. If I want to give my money to someone else let me do it! I surely do not want you to pay someone to see to it someone else gets my money. I surely do want to see him run our Armed Forces into the ground like Cater did! My dad had to do drills with bicycles that had carbord signs that read "Tank" on them because they did not have enough fuel to run the tanks. THey had to go bang bang to pretend they shot someone! They did not have enough money for parts to keep vechiles running! Their were some years they did not even have enough ammo for everyone to qualify with their weapon! I do not need Democrats to take my money and then give it back to me in the form of social programs? Why do I want to be dependant on the government to give me back what was rightfuly mine to begien with? Why should I subsidise social experments? I would I want to grow governement? Why would I want them to destroy of greatest asset( A Strong Military). WHy would I want a democrat stepping on my 2nd amendments rights? Why do I want a democrat to systematicly destroy family values in America? No Thanks!!! Mark my words if Kerry gets in his agenda will be to weaken our nations deffense. To disarm as many Americans as possable and to destroy the family as much as he can!
John Browning, I wanted to comment on this but you have covered it so well that I really don't need to. The White House has completely proven Bush's service by publicly releasing all pertinent records and no one has been able to gainsay any of it. Men that fight together in a war form very strong bonds and it is not difficult to understand that as Kerry indoctrinated his men and fought with them they are now supportive of him. This is true even though we now see he was there only 4 months. A completely different Kerry is now being revealed that deeply questions any heroism. I now notice that Army and Air National Guard units are performing heroically in the war against terrorism. I'd deeply hate to devalue the services of all our armed forces members by unilaterally pulling out and retreating from this 'must win' war. That would open us up to some very serious attacks in the future. The lives of many more Americans would be in serious peril. These enemies of ours have no interest in diplomacy and living at peace with us. They are totally commited to completely destroying us. They cannot be persuaded into alternative goals. John Kerry is so far behind in understanding the nature of our enemies and war that he is fully incapable of understanding this. He completely turned against Vietnam veterans after his brief stint and dishonered them to the extreme. Why should we ever make such a choice? Thanks John, you're a hard act to follow. [ February 29, 2004, 10:37 AM: Message edited by: krholm ]
TC, Bush is President of the United States. He HAS to fly in Air Force One, ride in several vehicle motorcades. etc. Do you think that if Kerry becomes President he will NOT be flying in Air Force One, or riding in several vehicle motorcades? I agree with JohnBrowning and Krholm completely. If Kerry becomes President there will be many changes for the worse. The amount of damage he is able to do may depend to some extent on whether the Democrats control Congress or not. You will see taxes go up, lots of money wasted on silly social programs that don't work, military spending go down, and perhaps the war on terrorism will be crippled. It angers me so much that every time somebody questions Kerry's voting record (totally against military spending) he immediately claims that his heroism in Vietnam is being questioned. People can't ask a question without this nonsense. Kerry did show courage in Vietnam. Now that we have that out of the way can we PLEASE talk about something else? Kerry spend all of four months in combat in Vietnam and then came home and joined an anti-war group. He wrote a book with an upside down American flag on the cover. And he has voted time and again against military programs. If Kerry becomes President and he cripples the war on terrorism, the American people will have only themselves to blame when the terrorists come back. Does anybody here think we can make peace with Osama bin Laden? These lunatics would fly a nuclear weapon over New York City and explode it over the city if they could get a nuclear weapon. Kerry is talking about working with European countries and the UN-in other words, doing nothing. How well is the economy going to be doing after all of the tax increases and money wasted on social programs? How much more nonsense will we have to put up from the courts if we have a super liberal like Kerry appointing new judges. How much more interference with out lives, our personal freedoms, our values, will we have to tolerate? How do you like a lot of the nonsense that liberal judges have already done to this country?
I am amazed that Bush has maintained such a professional and decent demeanor in the face of the personal attacks he has had to endure. Senator Kerry is supposed to be spending 75% of his advertising dollars (according to what was reported on FOX News) on personal attacks on President Bush. There are all kinds of stuff that Bush could potentially bring up about Kerry. And judging how Kerry immediately accuses people of questioning his heroism in Vietnam whenever anybody mentions his voting record, I think Kerry is well aware of what sort of attacks he could face. President Bush so far has the high ground in terms of clean campaigning. They may make fun of the way Bush talks, but he displays professionalism, integrity, and calm demeanor in his behavior. He acts like a man.
Wow! Them lefties sure have been voicing some nasty attacks on Dubya lately! Just listen to what these attack dogs are saying... 1. On Bush’s "Meet the Press" interview: "The president seemed tired, unsure and often bumbling. His answers were repetitive, and when he tried to clarify them he tended to make them worse." 2. "The most ineffective State of the Union address in recent years...and the failure to find unconventional weapons in Iraq and the admission that the president’s plan to expand Medicare would cost more than initially estimated were a double blow to his credibility." 3. "It is surreal for a Republican president to submit a budget to a Republican-controlled Congress and have Republican legislators vow to remove the ‘waste’ that he has included and that they have hitherto funded." 4. "Two months later, everybody seems to be saying it: There’s been no fiscal restraint and that’s hurting the (Republican) party and it’s hurting the conservative cause." %&$%#* lefties!!! Oh wait...my bad. Turns out these weren't quotes from commie pinkos after all, but from CONSERVATIVES! These recent quotes were from: 1) Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan in The Wall Street Journal; 2) editorial by Robert Novak; 3) George Will in his syndicated column; and 4) interview with Joe Scarborough. Ouch!! With friends like that... So does this mean the GOP won't be petitioning to have Dubya's skull carved onto Mount Rushmore like they tried for Reagan? P.S. It's nice to see a prominent conservative use "Bush" and "bumbling" in the same sentence. Confirms what the rest of us have known all along! [ March 01, 2004, 12:08 AM: Message edited by: TC ]
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