EBC Yellowstuff on Toyota Sienna. or...?

Have maybe less than 3k on my 13 Sienna with Raybestos EHT pads and rotors. The fronts are super dusty, and started clunking over the last 500 miles. Swapped pads from side to side, inner to outer. Clunk would always return.

Tossed them and pad slapped some Carquest Professionals cause I had rewards dollars to use. So far so good. No more brake clunks.
for ME on my 2011 fronty SV EBC yellow braked GREAT on their plain quality higher carbon rotors BUT wear was only a bit over 20 thou so i just ground the slight edges off + installed NRS pads even better stopping + galvanized backing plate mechanically attached about 2 years in Pa doing great. time like miles say little as their use + environment is the determining factor, retired + its my daily in a hilly area, a bit spendy but worth it IMO!!
Installed Toyota pads on an 09 Sienna and in a year, they are at 40%. They do eat brakes for lunch.