Dodge Hellcat Oil - Valvoline, Castrol or Mobil 1 ??

Jul 19, 2006
Need oil for my 2017 Hellcat
Chrysler recommends MS 12633 PUP 0w-40

What I can find locally
Mobil 1 Euro 5w-40 (does not meet MS12633)
Castrol Edge Euro 5w-40
Valvoline Euro 5w-40

The Castrol is made from base III stock.

Does anyone know what the Valvoline base is ?
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All the oils you listed are majority group 3 and will perform similarly if the approvals are the same.

If you want majority group 4/5 you’ll have to look elsewhere. And spend a bit more $.
The Valvoline oil is the same as the rest and that's ok as it has to meet certifications on performance of which is mb 229.51, Porsche a40, and bmw ll-01 which quaker state 5w-40 also does and it's what I use in my 6.2 gm. Doesn't really matter if it doesn't meet whatever that ms spec is, those 3 are great. Pup 0w-40 isn't spectacular pao oil or anything.
In this particular order:
  1. @High Performance Lubricants Super Car 0W-40
    • PAO + AN + POE + Other Secret Esters + Infineum Additive Package + Additional Top Treatment with MoDTC and Ca + Mg based detergents
  2. Mobil 1 0W-40
    • PAO + GTL + AN + Infineum Additive Package
  3. Quaker State Euro 5W-40
    • GTL + Group I Additive Package Carrier + Infineum Additive Package
  4. Pennzoil Platinum Euro 0W-40
    • GTL + Group I Additive Package Carrier + Infineum Additive Package
Castrol's 5W-40 base oil is Group III + HVHI, and Castrol 0W-40 is Group III + HVHI + PAO. Valvoline Euro 5W-40 is Group III + HVHI, and Valvoline 0W-40 is Group III + HVHI + PAO. It's nearly impossible to blend a 0W-40 without PAO.

Ultimately, all these will perform similarly. However, with HPL, you'll be able to go longer on the same fill while keeping your engine spotless. Mobil 1 would be my next choice since they are a leader in formulating and blending some of the best lubricants.

It's just a recommendation based on my personal preferences. I have used all the oils I listed except for Pennzoil Platinum Euro 0W-40, and Valvoline 0W-40 & 5W-40.
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I’m aligned with Invisible and Overkill.

You might also consider the Auto Zone special combo of 5-quarts of Mobil 1 ESPx3 0W-40 and an Oil Filter. You may double up, and the corvette crowd retuns the filter so they can just get the oil at ~45% off.

Lastly, Amsoil Signature Series 0W-40 or Amsoil Euro 0W-40 are worthy of consideration, especially if you’re signed up as a preferred customer.
FYI. MS 12633 is now called MS A0921 for whatever reason on the PUP SRT 0W-40 bottles.

Any CDJR dealer likely carries it if you decide to go that route. I still buy it from the dealer for their receipts as I still have about 10 months left on my Hellcat’s extended powertrain warranty. After that, I’ll likely switch to one of the ones mentioned above.