Oil choice for 2023 Mazda CX-9

May 13, 2010
Hello BITOG,

I have an almost 1 year old Mazda CX-9 (AWD 2.5L Skyactive Turbo) that received its first oil change at the dealer at 5K, and I plan to run a 5K OCI going forward. It will be time for its 10K oil change in the next few weeks. I plan to use the Mazda OEM filter.

The only oil requirements in the manual is a 5W-30 that is API SM or higher or the ILSAC designation.

My question, as long as the above API/ILSAC requirements are met, I can use pretty much any kind of oil I want to in the 5W-30 flavor, correct? I am leaning towards PUP or one of the Castrol Edge or Valvoline Euro oils that meet the API requirement plus also have a lot of the Euro certifications (BMW LL, MB 29.xxx, Porsche, VW, etc.).
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I do DIY Castrol Edge in mine and the CPO warranty had no problems warranty-ing a new long block.
Valvoline EP HM 5w-30, PUP, Euro 0/5w-40s etc. just dumped the valvoline in one last weekend.
Mazda oem fills use a higher moly content. It may or maynot be a optimal/req'd additive for it's engines but it cannot hurt them either. They might think it's helpful but who knows for sure. QS Full Syn and Valvoline Advanced full syn. both have healthy doses of moly. I've been using QS full syn in my two current Mazdas and two previous ones. QS proved to be quieter than some other synthetics I've tried. It's also priced lower than a lot of other synthetics as well.... especially at WM.
Thanks, everyone. I saw the buy 2 get 1 free Valvoline deal this morning and pulled the trigger on the Valvoline Euro 5W-30 XL-III. Three 5 qt bottles totaled $59.18 before tax (subscribe and save already cancelled), so that's a good deal plus it should be a good oil for my Mazda and my college son's Hyundai Sonata.