Discount Tire vs. Wal-Mart? Continental vs. Dunlop for my Tacoma?

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Jun 5, 2003
McGregor TX
I'm purchasing tires for my Toyota Tacoma in the next few weeks and I've narrowed it down to two choices:

1) Dunlop Radial Rover A/T (UTQG of 500) from Discount Tire
2) Continental Sport LT/SUV (UTQG of 520) from Wal-Mart

In the size I need, they are basically the same price ($102 and $103.22 respectively). Both places have similar charges for installation/lifetime balance. So I guess it mainly comes down to two things:

1) Which is the better tire?
2) Is Wal-Mart's service bad enough to go with the other retailer?

I've had good experience with out local Discount Tire. They are usually busy, but I've never had any issues with the quality of their work. I have no experience with Wal-Mart's Tire/Lube express. And while I know that experiences will vary from location to location, what is the general concensus? Also, who here has experience with either of these tires? I'm very interested in opinions.

Thanks in advance!
What size is your tire, what year is your Tacoma, daily on-road driver, off road, etc.? Depending on the answer to some of these questions, I'd spend a little more, and get a better tire than both of your choices.
It is a 2002 PreRunner double cab. I mainly drive it on the road, so I'm just looking for a decent highway tire with good wear qualities.
Having had several bad experiences with WalMart's shops over the years, I've refused to let them touch my car since 1999. That was the first time in over 10 years, & I thought, I'll let them change out my antifreeze while I shop, how badly could they screw that up? Well, they showed me!
My advice, buy your tires from Discount Tire, especially since you say your local branch runs a good shop. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

I really have no opinions on the tires you name, except to say that in at least 3 instances, spread out over 20 years, I've been unable to get 4 good Dunlops at once. Lotsa people like Dunlops, but after my experiences I won't touch 'em with a ten-foot pole.

I have no experience with Continental tires. In your position, I'd do a search-by-size on the Discount Tire website & see what they have to offer.
The Continental would probably be the better choice. It's a smoother quieter tire than the Dunlop, which is more of an on-road/off-road combo tire.

I think the WalMart Conti is the same tire as the ContiTrac SUV, just relabeled. The Dunlop looks to get better user ratings at Tire Rack than the Conti but that might not mean a lot based on your needs.

Can't speak personally about WalMart tire service but it's prolly like anything else with them, hit and miss. Worse thing that can happen is they screw up the balancing and you'll have to take it to a good tire shop and have them re-balanced.
My brother got those Contis for his truck recently, and likes them a lot. I've had Contis on cars and always had good luck with them.
I ran the Dunlop Rovers on my 3/4 ton GMC and loved them..great on dry and wet..I've since switched to Coopers cause of price and quality..WM is not a bad place to get them ..they are all over the country so if you have a problem you can go to any of 'em..
I had ContiTrac TR tires on a 2nd gen Explorer. I liked them for the short time I ran them, and for the price I paid. They had a smooth/quiet ride, and were good in snow and rain. I've heard/read a lot of bad things OEM Dunlops on Toyotas. The Conti LTs should have a better ride than the Dunlop ATs.
I have had excellent service from Discount Tire/America's Tire. I have heard many horror stories from Wally's customers. I buy tires at Discount. Be sure to dicker the price down...they will deal.

Here is the review of tires by customers of Tirerack.
Those Dunlop tires aren't great, but they beat all the Continentals by a wide margin. I think the best low priced tires are the Firestone Destination and the Kumho. Dunlop is one of Goodyear's brands, and I'm not impressed with Goodyear's tires except for the new TripleTred and Silent Armor tires.

If you want a quiet road tire, then you'll probably like the Conti's. If you want more of a all around on/off road tire, then the Dunlop is best. Depends on your priorities.

I've always had great service from Discount Tire. Don't know about, or trust, WalMart.
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