Finding new tires that are not out of round - mission impossible?

Time for new tires again. I couldn't resist Walmart's "early Black Friday" offer on GoodYear Reliant. Ordered two in size 205/55R16 91V. I had them installed on the front of the 04 Vibe today, and I'm happy to report they balanced perfectly! It feels so good to finally have zero steering wheel vibrations at any speed! The tires have a good ride and surprisingly high grip. A lot of value for $59/tire.

My 205/55R16s were made in Mexico in 31st week of 2023. I checked a few other sizes while I waited, they had some wider R16's and a few different R17s on display, all those were made in U.S.A.

So, no need to throw these on the rear and buy expensive Michelins for the front. I may buy 2 more to complete the set.