Guess Discount Tire is now my exclusive retail tire dealer

Nov 6, 2022
Am I the only one here that had DT use metal sockets on my brand new Lexus wheels then try to tell me the damage was already there?

If you spend enough time inside one of their lobbies, you'll hear them selling everyone new lugs and telling them any vibration they're experiencing is a result of their traction control.
Aug 11, 2011
I haven’t used a chain tire store in years. My local father/son tire store is typically within 5% of the big chain stores and they know me by name, if I do have an issue it’s resolved right then and there, offer free coffee and advice, will gladly fix a tire from my riding mower 5 minutes before closing time, plus they own the gun shop next door.
Jan 31, 2006
“i want to mount and balance tires for the rest of my life”

said no one ever.
DT is investing in a company called Robo Tire. I hope they program the robot to do a proper road force match-mounting and balancing.

RoboTire says its system uses "machine learning, artificial intelligence, high-definition cameras, proprietary software and advanced robotics" to change four tires on a passenger vehicle in less than 25 minutes.

The system "can easily integrate into tire shop operations and RoboTire provides operator training for a service center's current tire technicians."

Discount Tire's parent company is an investor in RoboTire, which is ramping up manufacturing at its Plymouth, Mich., headquarters and will be "scaling the delivery of systems throughout North America in the coming months."

"We are excited to be the first to market in our space with RoboTire's technology," says Tom Williams, chief experience officer at Discount Tire.

"With our Discount Tire expert people operating RoboTire systems, we will make the workplace safer and the experience easier as we hope to continue to reduce customer wait times and take care of more and more customers," he adds.

Oct 6, 2020
Don’t have DT in my area. So used DT online. Requested they price match, $43.47 per tire difference. And shipped to my installer. They matched WM price !!! WM required me to pickup at a store. Didn’t want WM to install on my classic show vehicle
Dec 4, 2016
I bought online from Simple Tire, whose certified installer in town was Brake Max. The tires were shipped there, tires and installation prepaid. I could sense they were "underwhelmed".

13" tires needed for an old Valiant.

Before I could get it to them the car had a flat. Haven't had a proper spare in the trunk for years, so I took the wheel and old tire to Discount Tire and they put a new tire on it. Couldn't have been nicer, checked for 13" for another car I have that will age out of it's tires soon.

Unfortunately the jack I had would not fit the base so I had to call AAA. Somehow, I think when I had rust repaired in the trunk, the body shop took out the original jack and never put it back in and I didn't realize it till long after. So the jack and base are from another Junkyard A Body. I assumed they were all part of the same jack.... Never needed to use one over the next 20 years...

After a week I had a flat in the left rear with one of the new tires.

Tried to get an appointment with Brake Max and they never even bothered to respond except for an email that said we will contact you soon to verify your appointment time. It's been two weeks. I'm still waiting.

So I went online to Discount Tire before 6 am the next day. Requested an appointment to check the tire and the spare I had bought from them [rusty wheel. Not holding air]. Confirmation within 10 minutes.

They wire brushed the wheel and used bead sealer, filled it up and sent me on my way. The spare I will deal with later. I took Discount Tire willing to pay them rather than go back to Brake Max. The transaction with the spare had been 100% positive. Cripe, for a spare I would have had them install a trailer tire so long as I could get a 13".

They did it with no charge for their time and effort and helped look for 14" replacement wheels. No luck. Odd ball small bolt Mopar. But they took the time and had the enthusiasm.

I tipped the techs $20 for being on top of their game.

When I go to 14" Mopar Rallye wheels this spring, they're getting my tire business.

I didn't buy these tires from them. They didn't care. They wanted my business whether that day or in six months.

First time using an on line source and drop shipping. The source was okay but the installation.... not so much.

Discount Tire now has a customer for life.