Did I get a funky tank of gas @ AM/PM?

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Jun 5, 2003
Apple Valley, California
Most of the time I get my gas at Chevron or 76 stations. I don't feel like waiting in line 30 mins and fighting other drivers for a gas pump so I avoid AM/PM. I go across the street although I do end up paying more. This morning AM/PM was empty so I thought I was gonna save me some $$$ and I filled the Jeep there. Now ...I have a 2002 Jeep Wrangler with the stovebolt inline-6. Its not a race engine nor does it have high compression. It calls for 87 octain. Ever since I filled my tank this morning at AM/PM I can hear the engine pinging! I drove up some steep hills today and I could hear it pinging. The engine temp is normal but it's rattling like marbles in a coffee can! Is AM/PM gas that bad? I've read that all gas is the same.......I don't believe this anymore. I'm gonna top it off tomorrow with our $3.00 gallon 91 octain gas from Chevron or 76 before I ruin a piston or something.
I'm not familiar with AM/PM, however I was recently in Southern Missouri and filled up at a Sinclair station on the highway. Within 20 minutes of fueling I noticed my 96 Cherokee 4.0 pinging. Once I got to my destination it also idled rough. I stopped by an auto parts store and bought a bottle of Techron and it cleared it up within 50 miles or so and have not had a problem since. I assume I got poor quality fuel at the Sinclair station.
Arco(which is now part of BP/Castrol-same company that gave us 'fake' synthetic oil) uses the 10% alcohol blend and is posted on the pumps somewhere by law. In this area 76/Torcoro/Tosco also use this/same refinery. Shell/Chevron in this area do not use it which is why they are normally higher priced/100% real gas.
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