Best year for GMC Yukon XL with 6.2L

Newer ones had a selectable transfer case. My wife had a 2017 XL Denali with 2WD, Auto, 4 HI and 4 LO.

Ours also got great mileage on the highway for what it was. Better by 1-2 mpg than the 2021 Suburban with a 5.3 that she has now.
Thats an ENTIRELY different setup than the op is looking at. Literally entirely different. Actual transfer case, direct injection engine, software and hardware update, much better build quality, etc. Not even a fair (or useful to the discussion) comparison.
07-09 dont have afm enabled, but there are documented cases of those years being torn down and having the hardware installed (mainly 09, but i know ive seen an 08 with it too)

Very early L92's (Built Prior to April 1, 2006) had AFM hardware, Which would mean very early 2007 models. L9H engines never had the hardware installed.....Then you have the 2010 & up L94's with AFM hardware & enabled in the calibration.

No 2008 or 2009 model L92/L9H engines would've left the factory with AFM hardware, Just because a engine in a 2008/2009 model was found with AFM hardware doesn't mean the truck left the factory that way. In fact I've seen early AFM L92 crate/replacement engines in dealer inventories, Got one delivered to me once & I refused it....We worked out a deal where they supplied a Cam, Lifters, Trays, Gaskets, & Bolts...And I swapped out the AFM hardware.

GM installing AFM parts on random engines would create a service parts nightmare, That's why the AFM hardware equipped L92's is so well documented with date's & VIN breaks.
So which years 6.2L GMC Yukon Denali XL trim level do *not* have the AFM installed / enabled?
Is it safe to say up to 2009 does not have the AFM stuff?