Would you buy: High Mileage 2017 GMC Yukon XL


What can you practically afford including say a random $8k repair that crops up ? Nothing wrong with high mileage vehicles as many eventually own or already have them paid off.

A close friend buys inexpensive high miles fun Euro vehicles cash every 1-3 years and does not sneeze at repair work . Or he simple picks up another not thinking much of money spent.
I’m not sure why but reliability does not seem to translate well to these later model years. My boss pretty much only buys used Yukon XLs and then puts miles on them. It’s just his thing. I’ve helped wrench on all but the newest. He bought his current one at around 100k and it’s needed a lot of work - some of which is making up for poor prior care, but some is more concerning. It seems needier than a euro car. Fabulous interior, fabulous engine note, some of the best seats GM has produced - I’ll give it that.
For a little bit more money you could be looking at 14-16 Sequoias with likely even less miles, and they’ll be infinitely more reliable end to end (not just power trains, but also ancillary things like blend doors, ac, etc.)
Cue the Suburban haters…

I traveled 131 miles to check out a loaded 2016 Suburban LT with 159k and pulled the trigger on it. I got a 3 year/36,000 mile extended powertrain warranty through my credit union for less than the price of a junkyard transmission, so my fingers are crossed that any issues happen before it hits 195k.