Details on Motorcraft 10/40 and 15/40 diesel and 10/30 super duty (diesel)?

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May 9, 2003
Fayetteville, NC
These oils are featured in the Motorcraft web-site, but no real details. -Where can one find the tech-details on these oils? -Has anyone ever seen the 15/40 and the 10/30 super duty diesel oils from Motorcraft? I've never seen them local Walmart stocks only 5/20, 5/30, 10/30 and 10/40... does anybody know...?
The local Wal-Mart here stocks all the Motorcraft oils you mentioned plus the 15W40 Diesel oil, but only in quarts, not gallons. No Wal-Mart that I have been to have the 15W40 in gallons, and I have probably been in 30 in various states while traveling. \ [Duh!]
I hope that is becuse Wal*Mart allows overnight RV parking at every store parking lot (except in Sparks NV). Tell me you have not gone to 30 different Wal*Marts in different States looking for 15W40 and 10W30 Ford HD Motocraft engine oil. [Eek!]
Good point, no was not looking for it on purpose, just looking at the oil sections while the wife was shopping. I hate to shop, so I wander to the automotive and fishing sections. [Duh!]
A post by dragboat on 31Jan03 suggests this could be Conoco HD Fleet Supreme rebadged with slight changes. While searching for Pennz LL 10w30 in Houston I found a dist for the Conoco, never seen the Conoco or Motorcraft in wallyworld but I'm not a dedicated WW shopper.
59Vette Me too, but there is danger in doing that. 1. It gives the ladies too much un-supervised shopping (and spending money)time. 2. They always know where to find us. 3. We always buy something we don't really need either. 4. All the filters are orange. 5. We are likey to bump into another bored _____. 6. We might start giving out unsolisted advice to other bored _______s. 7.
Originally posted by 97tbird: Has anyone ever seen the 15/40 and the 10/30 super duty diesel oils from Motorcraft?
I am fortunate to live about 6 miles from Motor City Truck--Ford/Sterling, in Livonia, Michigan. They have both these oils for about $2 per quart. Look up your nearest Ford commercial truck dealer.
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