Craziest Car Prices You've Seen

Dealers are asking and getting $150,000 (and more) over MSRP for the Dodge Demon 170 according to HC forum members that have been trying to snag one. Insane.
I'm local so I'm going to offer them $3k cash
That’s all it’s really worth. These dealers are crazy. A 20 year old 8 owner former fleet Hyundai Elantra going for $10k is insane. I would probably go up to $4k since it’s a rust free Arizona car and those have long turned to dust in my area.
As long as you remember that there are lots of horribly stupid people out there, it explains a lot of human behavior.
I would call them misinformed and too busy (lazy) to check things out before buying. Plus people get tired of the haggling and wait that goes on in a dealership when trying to buy.
I would never pay over msrp for any run of the mil vehicle.
Special editions and limited numbers sure.
That bumper sticker held up great over 30 years. 😂

They sold it.

I'd have offered them $1500. The Pony was the stripped-down bare bones one made to look cool, IIRC. That would be a great gas-saver!

That 1991 Escort costs way more now then when it was new. $12K (out the door) got me a 1995LX (upscale model compared to the pony) new in October 1995.

I had a 95 as well. The 1.9, not the hopped-up 1.8 Mazda motor. GREAT car and looked decent. It did eventually drop a valve, (a lifter?) which nixed compression in one cylinder. 1996 and up they changed a little. Could have probably been fixed, they had issues with the valves/lifters.. would buy again.

The 1992 Subaru SVX I posted some days back in Random Photo thread, price magically increased from $5000 on the Internet to $6000 - probably more with the fees - in the last month because "used caf prices are rising." The crazy part is.. with that 92. I want that car...