Quick review of my 2022 Ford Maverick

I had a '62 Ford F 250 so loaded down with fire wood that when I hit the gas to climb a hill I could feel the front wheels lose contact and they didn't give any feed back until I lifted my foot off the gas. Once I topped the hill it was OK. FWD doesnt work as well climbing snow covered hills. Luckily, I was able to steer around 3 car slow motion crash caused by a FWD Volvo wagon sliding backwards down an icy hill. It was a lesson learned cheaply :cool:
REAL SNOW TYRES cure traction issues in most ANY vehicle, NOT all season BUT winter tyres. a light front end can be cured with changes in suspensions, stouter rear springs squat less when loaded BUT ride rough unloaded. with the $$$$ saved you can "tune" your maverick to suit YOU!!
I see mention of the Maverick and the RL, but what about the Hyundai Santa Cruz? I've only seen a few around here, but they sure look nice.
I just got the parts in the mail to add cruise control to Mom's XL that's currently camped out in my driveway. Should have that done by Friday once I get some time off. Nice that Ford left it wide open to where all you need is $80 in parts and Forscan to activate it. Dumb that they didn't at least offer it as an option on the XL.