Consensus on SuperSyn?

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Sep 10, 2002
What is the consensus on the new Mobil 1 at this point? About when did Supersyn start showing up on shelves with moly in it? Thanks.....Scott [ September 11, 2002, 10:02 PM: Message edited by: Night Owl ]
From past and present experience Mobil 1 is still an excellent Synthetic oil. It has made a difference for me when compared to good regular oils (such as Havoline (ChevronTexaco),better mpg, cooler running). I have been using synthetics up here in northern Minnesota since 1989 and Mobil 1 (any formula) has never let me down (and I regularly take cars to the high 200,0000 to low 300,000 miles). I change out the Mobil 1 every 7,000 and it always looks like it has more life when it is changed. Steven [Smile]
The oil analysis results are telling the truth, and that's that the new SuperSyn is indeed better than the TriSynthetic, as it's showing significantly lower engine wear in many cases. It's just disturbing that there may have been a lot of oil made without moly added to it. Whether or not this was a mistake, or whether Mobil 1 added moly later after realizing they needed it, we'll probably never know for sure. [ September 12, 2002, 05:58 AM: Message edited by: Patman ]
Originally posted by nick778: How do you know I know if the Mobil 1 on the shelf of my retailer has the moly of not?
The problem is you really don't know. My suggestion is to buy the oil from a place that sells a lot of oil. Or if you go there regularily, keep an eye on when they put out new stock, and be sure to grab that stuff. Another suggestion I had earlier was to buy a single 1 qt bottle from 4 or 5 different places, that way your odds are better that most of the bottles you buy contain moly.
Does the M-B in Can. Tire stores ie. in Canada contain Moly? Which grades are supposed to have it?
MB? I believe all grades of SuperSyn contain moly. BTW, I went to the Winston Churchill Walmart last night and all they had was TriSynthetic. I noticed the price went up too, from $6.35 a liter to $6.64. The 4L jugs are now $28.34, up from $25.40. So they are preparing for the new stuff coming in obviously. I couldn't find that lone bottle of 0w40, nor was there a spot on the shelf for it, so it doesn't look like it'll be coming here.
Yeah that was weird. Didn't look like there was a spot on the shelf for it...almost as if someone returned it or it was erroneously placed in a case with the 5-30....but, I picked it up and verified it was and Tri and the same as the stuff I picked up at the Porsche dealership in June. Guess it went back... Can. Tire W. Churchill has boxed cases of 6 of the SuperSyn...I believe for $39.99..don't know if that's cheaper...wait..$6.99 x 6 = $ yeah..a few cents...
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