collinite 476 aggravations - by hand or machine

Mar 25, 2008
Baton Rouge, LA
Ok guys, this is the deal. I spent 10 hrs yesterday detailing my wife's silver Altima. My steps were: Wash with Dawn, Clay using clay magic, re-wash, polish with PC 7424 using Megs Ultimate Compound and orange light cutting pad, polish with Meg's ColorX using black finishing pad, and hand apply and remove Meg's Tech Wax 2.0. SO, I figured after I was fresh and rested this morning I'd go ahead and top off the Tech Wax with 476. I dampened my foam applicator pad and as THINLY as I could applied the 476 to the hood of the car. Now remember, it is kinda hard to see thinly applied wax to a silver car, but I stretched it as thin as I could looking at all angles to make sure I did apply the wax and wasn't wasting my time. As soon as I finished with the hood, I turned right around and started to remove it by hand with a MF towel. 30 minutes later, I'm soaked with sweat, both shoulders burnings, hands cramping and I'm [censored]. Removing that stuff is like removing the clear coat by hand. I did the best I could at thinly applying it. I don't know what else to do. Its UNBELIEVABLY hard to remove and I'm about to throw the towel in on this stuff. The only other thing I could do is try to buff it out using my PC 7424 and a MF bonnet. Whats aggravating is all the dust when removing it by machine and the bonnets get so caked up with it. I personally like to hand apply and remove my waxes since they are my last step. If using a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the hardest to remove, I rate 476 a 10 and Tech Wax a 2. Do you users of 476 remove it by hand or machine?
Was it humid/hot that day. I find that it is harder to remove it during thoses particular days. For me, the wax dries in less than 10 mins. You may want to try the Collinite 845. That is the easist wax to remove that I have used and I've tried many brands.
I just tried some on my 08 silver Jeep, and found it very easy to take off. I did apply and remove it in the garage, so the sun didn't touch it. I applied it very thin as well. Could it be an issue with compatibility with the other products under it? Maybe there was a reaction causing the difficulty in removing it? I have found in the past with any wax product if it is a damp day it is harder to remove wax. But nothing like you're describing here.
I've applied it thin to bare paint, and today it was applied thin, out of the sun, on top of a coat of Meg's Tech Wax. It is always warm and humid in south Louisiana. I think I'm heading off to my local Harbor Freight tomorrow to see if they carry the 845 Insulator Wax. If not, I'll have to do some more research to find me a long lasting wax. I know 476 lasts quite some time. I've had it bead up over 6 months.
You might want to give Rejex a try, I've had good results with it too. Seems very easy to apply, the key is do it in the shade then you have to park the car in the shade until it cures. Just follow the directions it works well on paint in good shape.
I gotta say, I'm baffled. When I apply 476S or 845, I get only minimal dusting and it wipes off nice and easy. Bonnets caking with wax dust tells me there is way too much wax on the car, but I believe you when you said you applied it thin. So..... I don't know what to think. I wish I lived closer, I'd shoot over and see what's going on. Good luck and let us know how you make out. If nothing else, NXT is a decent product so stick with that if it's working for you.
You cannot apply 476 with a buffer(PC,etc) no matter how thin it looks it's still grinding it in too much,476 needs to be applied by hand, thin,,i've done it both ways many times and a buffer is a no no. do it by hand thin and you could do the whole can then remove with one arm. Oh and not necessary to wash after claying.waisting time.
The first time I used 476s, I was in the same boat. It was unbelievably hard to take off, but I put it on way tooooo thick my first time and did the whole car at once. Next time I used it I put it on thinner and only did a few panels at a time, MUCH easier. 845 is much easier to wipe off I think than 476.
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845 is much easier to wipe off I think than 476.
It is, BUT if 476 is treaded righ it'll come off like 845. i have both and use both(switch back and forth)collinite rules!!
It is amazing how far a can of wax will go. I think a lot of people tend to put the stuff on too thick, even when they think they're putting it on thin. I can't believe how easy it came off for me. I do want to give the Zaino Z-CS a try on my Midnight Blue Metallic E-150. I like the idea of just applying the wax and not having to wipe it off. I might go searching for it at the detail shop the dealerships buy from. They have everything.
30 minutes to remove 476s from the hood? If the product was applied as thin as you said then short of some harsh chemical reaction (just a guess but unlikely) with the prior product you used there should not have been a problem with removing 476s. You mentioned that your buffer became caked up with the wax and there was a lot of dust. I've hand applied and hand removed (with MF towels) 476s from solid red, blue and black cars and have never had an issue with excessive dust formation. 476s is a great wax so don't give up on it.
I was thinking chemical reaction with something under it as well. I'd give the company a call and see what they say about it.
I decided to give it another try this afternoon. Instead of letting it completely dry, I only let it sit about 3 minutes and then I removed it. I also slightly dampened my foam applicator. I actually had much better luck this afternoon. I'm not sure what happened this morning. Maybe it had something to do with being applied on top of Tech Wax, or maybe I wasn't as thin as I thought I was. Thin on silver isn't that easy. I did top the 476 tonight with some Meg's #26 Hi Tech Yellow Wax. Looking good.
Glad to hear that! I always make sure the application pad is moist, and the micro-fiber cloth is 100% dry. If the MF cloth is even slightly damp removal can be a PIA.
I have used the 4 inch pad on a PC to apply paste wax before, fits right into the can. Just have the speed on LOW and just turn it on then off real quick and you have enough to do the whole hood.
Same thing happened to me on a warm humid day. Had used 476s before, wasn't a rookie with it. But that particular day it dried hard as a rock, was a pain to get off even with a buffer. Have had less trouble with 845, which I use on my folks 93 LeSabre. Comes off without too much of a struggle. Also long-lasting like the 476s, maybe not quite as long. I put Finish Kare 1000P on my mother-in-law's Accord last October. Lasted as well through the winter as did the 476 on our car. I'm putting 1000P on our car for winter 2009-10. I respect 476 as a tough sealant, it has done well for me the last two winters, but 1000P looks better and lasts as long as I need it to.
I'm not sure what happened that morning, but maybe I've gotten the hang of it. My coats of wax are: 1 layer Meg's Tech Wax 2.0 polymer sealant liquid 2 coats 476s 2 coats Mothers Pure Carnuaba Paste I've got Meg's Ultimate Quik Wax for in b/t touchups.
do you have pics? with 476, if you think you are not applying enough, then thats the right ammount if it cakes on the buffer pad, it is way too much. dont give up on the 476. it is also excellent on door jams and rims
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I'm not sure what happened that morning, but maybe I've gotten the hang of it. My coats of wax are: 1 layer Meg's Tech Wax 2.0 polymer sealant liquid 2 coats 476s 2 coats Mothers Pure Carnuaba Paste I've got Meg's Ultimate Quik Wax for in b/t touchups.
Sure would be nice to see pictures after you put that much work into it!