Citgo motor oils

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Oct 16, 2002
I was in looking at some differences between Citgo motor oils and noted the following:

10w-30 synthetic blend priced at $1.89    3.5
10w-30 Supergard priced at       $0.96    3.0
 5w-30 Supergard                  0.96    3.2 
10w-40 Supergard                  0.96    3.5

I was somewhat surprised (and disappointed) to see that the 10w-30 HTHS was actually lower than the 5w-30. But here is what has me scratching my head now. There was a clearance of Citgo (or it might have been Mystik - another Citgo product line) Full synthetic 15w-50 "API SJ" marked down to $1.25 qrt. I believe the Citgo is a PAO synthetic both in this product and their synthetic blends. I would have stocked up but couldn't justify using a such a heavy viscosity grade as I prefer to run 10w-30 and sometimes 10w-40 in summer months. Now I'm thinking perhaps I could just add one quart of the 15w-50 to each oil change. Any thoughts on using this "SJ" 15w-50 synthetic oil?
Cressida, If your motor is designed to use SJ or previous oils and the CITGO isn't more than a couple of years old (there is disagreement on the shelf life of oils [projections range from 4-10 years {unopened}]) then I don't see why you shouldn't use it.
Since the blend is probably only 10% synthetic that would seem to be a pretty good deal. I'd have no problem doing that in the summer. Didn't know that was PAO, however. That would be an OK deal even if it was group III. [ August 05, 2003, 06:07 PM: Message edited by: csandste ]
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