Change of weight - Could that be good or bad?

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Feb 9, 2004
Hi all, sorry to sort of drag out a related topic form the past, but in regards to BP Corse Plus.

I have learned from this site that it was either a 20w 50 or 25w 50, but more so importantly, as it is now a 25w 60 (and before all you guy's say well that’s to heavy and it must be for old rattlers, the 60w are currently very popular here in Aust, they are the second highest seller to the 20w 50's)

My question is, that would you generally see that by it becoming a 25w 60 when for decades it was always a 20w 50 as a down graded oil in over all quality? Yes it's rating has been upgraded over the years, but I have often wondered if BP are more so using a legendary name with a average product, or if the up grade in weight could be seen as plus?

I would of loved to compare the data sheets form when it was a 50w to the current one, but when even the Tech Help line guy doesn't have any knowledge of being a 50w, what chance do you have!

Thanks everyone!

I used it way back in my GTHO Phase III (ex Bathurst) till it was stolen. After 10,000 miles the cam and lifters werec noticeably worn even with STP added at each oil change and 1,000 mile oil changes (triple valve springs didn't help though). Unless reformulated to modern standards there are better oils IMO.
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