Castrol Edge FST 5W-30, 3258 Miles, 2004 S2000

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Jul 15, 2006
Magnolia, TX
This was a promotional oil that I received through Dyson Analysis DMW. 3258 miles, 8 months in service, OEM PCX-004 oil filter, AFE Pro-Dry air filter, Shell V-Power E10 fuel with LE L-X2300 fuel additive.
		Castrol Edge 5W-30	LE8130 10W-30	Castrol Syntec 0W-30
		3258/61,886 miles	4726/58,628 miles	5210/51,652 miles
		12/8/2011		4/8/2011		12/1/2009

Iron		4			6			14
Copper		4			8			7
Tin		0			0			0
Lead		2			2			1
Chromium	0			1			0
Nickel		0			0			0
Aluminum	2			2			3
Titanium	36			0			0
Silver		0			0			0
Calcium	        571			1036			1537
Magnesium	1253			912			458
Zinc		936			1288			1063
Phophorus	569			934			1017
Barium		1			0			0
Molybdenum	72			34			0
Antimony	0			0			0
Silicon		8			9			9
Sodium	        5			13			23
Boron		24			0			1
Potassium	0			0			0
Vanadium	0			0			0
V40C		51.8			56.5			59.3
V100C		9.3			9.6			10.2
TAN		2.07			3.73			3.08
Flash		270F			280F			260F
Oxidation	16			31			19
Nitration	9			11			12
KF#		367			482			528
TBN		6.9			4.8			4.9
Fuel%		1.73			1.64			1.81
Soot		0			0			0
Glycol		0.056			0			0.23
Vindex		164			155			162
Sulfate BP	22			31			23
Why did you cut the miles run for this OCI? Nice TBN,, a little on the thin side kind of like the old formula. This was a nice fit for your vehicle. I would not hesitate to use it again. Little fuel and that glycol test sure is sensitive, 5ppm sodium/0ppm Potassium. Great oil and engine. Thanks for that
Wow, oxidation and nitration are extremely low, especially with the fuel dilution present(unless that's the 'more accurate' measurement)...nice run. Probably capable of 1 year just fine under the same conditions, just monitor viscosity.
I changed the oil early for lots of reasons (unwarranted): -unknown oil to me and would have prefered a 10W-30 (I had planned to use this in a different vehicle) -I'm almost a year late giving feedback to the provider -There was record heat this past summer in Texas as well as smoke from wildfires -I got bored one nice December day so I broke out the floor jack and jack stands -The car doesn't get driven much during the winter (summer tires don't heat up) and I don't like dirty oil sitting very long in the sump Anyways, I did refill with the same oil. Not sure if I'll test again until 75K miles. I checked the plugs yesterday and they all looked great. The gaps were all within original gap limit (0.043"). Fuel dilution appears to be a constant since it rarely sees long distance drives (over 30 minutes).
These new add packs have changed a lot...takes a little getting used to seeing those low calcium numbers (REALLY low in this case). Whatever new formulas/technologies are being utilized in these recent oils, the results look great.
Looks good. Your TBN & TAN held up well. You definitely can go longer on that oil, but it could use a nice long drive every once in a while. Thanks for posting.
Well, I had my car up on jackstands again the other day to change the tranny fluid. So I decided to change the diff and engine fluid too. This is the Castrol Edge FST 5W-30 again. 8 months in service and 3,374 miles/65,260 miles total. This is a Polaris Labs Houston report: Iron 5 Chromium 0 Nickel 0 Aluminum 3 Copper 2 Lead 1 Tin 0 Cadmium 0 Silver 0 Vanadium 0 Silicon 8 Sodium 2 Potassium 1 Titanium 47 Molybdenum 83 Antimony 0 Manganese 0 Lithium 0 Boron 38 Magnesium 1478 Calcium 811 Barium 0 Phosphorous 683 Zinc 928 Fuel% 3.4 Soot% <0.1 Water% <0.1 V100C 9.5 TBN 5.78 Oxidation 9 Nitration 8 Not sure what to make of the 3.4% fuel. I did ask them to re-run the GC scan when the intial reading was 3.8%. There was no distinctive fuel odor when I drained it. The viscosity doesn't seem to low. The nitration number is low. I did get probably 1000 miles of road time (some two hour trips) on this run. But I did check my O2 sensors last summer and they are getting pretty lazy. I bought new ones but never installed them. I can't do it while laying on my back. I have to find a lift, and will now. I refilled with the FST 10W-30. It was another promotional case through Dyson DMW. I promise I'll try to leave it in for a year this time.
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My opinion is the 3.4% fuel in the sample is usage vs mechanical. 8 months, 3,374 miles would suggest a combination of... The engine spends most of its time running rich warming up.. and.. The oil isn't getting hot enough long enough to burn off insolubles.
That's a pretty good UOA, but I'm not sure I believe the fuel%. Your viscosity is 9.5 which is higher than other UOAs posted recently for Castrol Edge 5W30 and the other fuel percentages are less than 0.5%. Since Polaris doesn't give you a flashpoint, you don't have a check. Thanks for posting.
I had the O2 sensors changed today at a local shop. I've known since last summer that they were getting sluggish, but couldn't change them myself with the car on jackstands. I actually feel a marked improvement in performance even on a hot humid day. I guess these things really do degrade over time and you don't even notice it. I'll probably start replacing them every 50K miles or 10 years from now on. The GC scan that Polaris uses is supposed to be the most accurate fuel% by volume test there is. So we'll see if it comes down with the O2 sensor replacement. Also, the tech/owner found I needed a new clutch master cylinder leaking. I probably wouldn't have even noticed it until my left foot started getting soaked with brake fluid! If you own a S2000 and live in the greater Houston area, Curt at C&C Northside Motors is the MAN!
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