Castrol "BC"????

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Jan 6, 2004
stanwood, wash.
a few months ago it was Castrol 0-30 syn. oil coming from Germany which was abbreveated down too GC, well I was at a car parts store today and now they have Castrol 5-40 "made in Belgeim" so I guess it would be know as BC. Their big claim is that it meets VW TDI & Mercedes requierments.
Just a garden-variety 5w-40, meets TDI 505 spec, and turbo 502 spec but not Long-Life 503.01 spec like GC. I dunno if all 5w-40s meet diesel specs, like SynPower or Kendall, it's probally a lil better than them, maybe Rotella Syn too, but not as good as Mobil 1 5w-40 (Delvac-1).
I saw it at my local GI Joes also. It was $4.69 a quart. That beats $6.79 that VW charges.
must have gotten the spelling half way close for someone figured out what I tried to say, must have been my learning of 'fonics'.
Ahh yes, I remember what my Großvater used to say, junge, he would say, beware of zee man who abandons zee grün elixer from zee vaterland for zee Johann come lately from Belgium
Where did you find BC?
A lot of Speed Shops have it now. I used it in my old Audi, It works great, but gave away my last case, I prefer GC or M1 T&S for future use.
Originally posted by Audi Junkie: [QUOTE] I prefer GC
Ja ist mein guter Mann, das die Wahrheit. Audi soll schmecken sonst nichts
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