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Eeek! Mine has the anti theft known as a stick shift.
Dumb question: how will they know it's a stickshift and thus avoid you and your vehicle?

Seems to me, that mistake will only be found out AFTER derailing you.
Thank you everyone.
It's just a car. Insurance will cover it.
I am not traumatized nor going to have PTSD from it. It's over.
Yeah, this wasn't a movie set. Hidden guy, gun pointed at chest. Imagining one would do a Chuck N kick or quick draw is just silly. Just stay calm and comply. I already have a scar from my sternum to well below my navel and know for a fact that my car and ego aren't worth the potential cost.
Take care, be careful, and thank you for the good wishes.
If you're going to go through the trouble of pointing a gun at someone at least steal something newer! I hope his homies are disappointed.
That's what I told the cop!
His response was druggy doesn't think.

around here that would get you 10 years in jail. poor carjacker.. really good kid.. blah blah blah. / sarcasm.

Yes, in this Maryland county you'd get 100 citations for State and county violations plus mandatory arrest for discharging a firearm in an urban area, and public endangerment. You can't shoot at a retreating perpetrator in Maryland. If he's driving away you're not in danger of your life.
The criminal had his gun out and pointed at the OP.

If he’s willing to shoot you, you will get shot before you’ve drawn your .380…you’re not that fast.

Nobody is that fast.

I understand this point clearly.

A counterpoint would be that 'sometimes' situational awareness gives a victim the upper hand in this regard. It certainly did for me. I was attacked by 9, had my pistol out and a second magazine nearby. It seemed like I was able to smoothly draw in 1 second flat, but a realistic review indicates that it probably took about 3 seconds. In my case, I had the firearm on target, my thumb on the safety and was well practiced at safety-off, trigger pull. I would not have messed that up. I'm eternally grateful that I did not shoot. They put their hands up, weapon went flying by me and the situation was defused.

The legal followup was ugly and involved.

It does go to making your point though. I had the upper hand and knew it. I believed I was able to send lead downrange faster than he was able to complete his attack. Thankfully he recognized this. As did his buddies.

Yep, that was my belly. Nope, (BLEEPED).
Not the other evening, thankfully. Another life where I wore a different hat.
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Cannot wait until all the Boomers & X-ers who hate on Millennials are too old to take care of themselves and need our assistance. We’ll just put them all in nursing homes, since we’re so selfish and stupid, while we eat our avocado toast and just laugh and laugh.
Maybe, although the younger people I associate with are decent human beings and don't think that way. So I'm not too concerned.
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