Canadian tire synthetic is made from PAO

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May 25, 2003
Quebec Canada
Now we know that C.T import this oil in Canada. See what I get from them this morning: >>The remaining info you are looking for is in an attached spreadsheet. I believe this should cover off all your tech. questions. One thing not in the spreadsheet is the synthetic base oil question you had. The base oils used in full synthetics are PAO based.>>>>> Formula 1 [Synthetic 5W30/Synthetic 10W30/ Synthetic 5W50 -47 -44 -36= pour point 225 235 186= flash point 166 148 183 visc.index 58,1 60,5 126 visc 40 10,3 10,0 20,0 visc 100 8,6 8,6 8,6 tbn API SL/CF, Ilsac GF-3///API SL/CF, Ilsac GF-3/ /API SLCF, ACEA A2-96, Jaso VTW/ [ January 21, 2004, 10:25 AM: Message edited by: Baveux ]
It's possible the base oil is 10% PAO and 90% group 3 though. Just saying "PAO based" is kind of vague.
What I would like to see is oil makers have to put on the label what its made out of, like food is. The FDA requires canners to list the ingredients with the first being the major ingredient by volume. An not just some impressive sounding term, make them use the CAS numbers.
At one time, Canadian Tire used to have Imperial Oil (Esso) blend their "Canadian Tire Nugold" brand oil. Since Canadian Tire has never been willing to share the specs with me, all I buy there is laundry detergent and floor cleaner. Interestingly enough, I noticed last week they started carrying Amsoil oils for ATV's.
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