Canadian spec car switched to US gauge cluster, reading off

Update: the Nissan dealer says the car needs a new gauge cluster. It already has a US spec cluster, so I wonder why the existing one is no good? It isn’t resting at 0 when in park, like the picture of the cluster early in this thread.

When they told me this I was concerned I was about to get told by the dealer I bought the car from that I bought it “As-is” and to go pound sand.

Well, they agreed to ordering a new cluster and having it installed. I’ll give them credit for taking care of me.

We will see what the new cluster does for me. I’ve been tempted to see what Carvana will give me for the car and move on if this does not turn out the right way.
My Rogue has a nice new…….metric gauge cluster. It’s accurate, but metric. The odometer is in miles.

While I’m not ecstatic about it, I also don’t care enough to rattle cages. Having worked for a Canadian company, and many people in Europe, it’s easy for me to remember 90 km/hr is 55 mph, 45 km/hr is a touch more than 30, and so on. The mph numbers are a bit small, but my wife didn’t complain when she drove it.

At least it matches the HVAC digital readout. That can’t be changed to F either.

So, my Rogue remains a metric car. I’ll be a step ahead if the US ever converts to the metric system. I should lobby for dual signs like Canada with the two languages.
To answer a few of the questions:

I’m expecting the dealer that sold it to me to “make it right” since it’s only been a few days I have have put less then 50 miles on the car. No warrently would or should cover this. They sold a car with an inaccurate speedometer, though I suspect they did not know that.

I’d much rather have the original gauge cluster with km/h and user the small numbers than a new gauge that is incorrect. The HVAC is in C and cannot be changed, but 20 C is 70 F, so it isn’t hard to keep that in line.

When I set the cruise at 65 mph, the speedo says 65, but the digital readout on the screen says it is set at 71 mph. I set the cruise at 35 mph and it was saying 38 mph as the set speed on the digital screen. I’d take a picture, but that would be unsafe….

Tires are the originals, unless the dealer started swapping wheels between cars. The size matches on the tire and the car’s decal.

I’m happy to live with it and use my Garmin as the actual speedo, but my wife will occasionally drive this and will not keep it in mind, meaning it will cost me a speeding ticket or two…..
Just from working at a few dealerships notably an independent that sold a little of everything, this might be a quick and easy fix or they could drag their feet. When VW had the emission scandal we had someone come in with a Canadian spec Jetta Wagon. The dealership wouldn't touch it as the buy-back and warranty were different than the US. When I was an emissions Inspector we had a guy come in with a Dodge Ram, it looked like every other Ram 1500 that came in. Supposedly when we ran the vin it was Canadian (Not that there was much of a difference) but.... There were a few issues with it and the dealership bought back the truck.
I didn't realize that part, to be honest. I do presume it mainly centers on duties ? Either way, it can't force a company to provide or honor a warranty (as confirmed by bcardinal).

Slightly off-topic, don't Canadian-spec cars have slight variations in lighting (color, etc) vs US-spec ?
It depends on if it was manufactured with ece or dot as from what I understand Canada isn't as picky. However some Canadian spec vehicles can come in but must meet US specifications i.e. all new US vehicles sold since September of 2007 required tpms I don't know if Canada requires tpms.