Buying a 2011 Caddy DTS with 19k miles - bad idea?

Some people expect stupid money just because of those miles. Save your money and buy a 100,000 mile example for under $5,000.
That's probably the better value but I'm looking for something I can daily for several years more. I've seen some in the 30-60k mile range that are several G's less than the 17k mile car's price.

I've looked at quite a few sub 100k mile DTS models near me for under $10k, and they are all not so great either mechanically or cosmetically. Sadly I think the "super nice condition" ones are gonna be over $10k.

There's a 65k mile 2009 for $9k near me. It's probably just as reliable and will last a similar lifespan as another one that's got 40k mi for $14k, but I can't get over the fact that the 65k mi $9k has a lot of cosmetic issues, scratches, etc. I take care of my cars and I want something that looks good to me with some pride of ownership. Part of the reason I'd rather drive a V8 caddy over a Toyota Corolla even though the Corolla is way more reliable and efficient.
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The early N* had some problems but by 06 IIRC head gasket issues had been addressed. I have had 2 N* cars, I really liked these engines. For all the hate on these engines I found them reliable, powerful and got great fuel economy for a car that size.
Neither of my cars had any trouble whatsoever, I gave my sister one that was 5 years old and 30K on it and she drove it over another 100K with no trouble only maintenance.

Are you in MA also?