Bosch Platinim +4 after 101k miles

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Oct 10, 2004
One of 6. 97 camry v6, 159k total vehicle miles. 10w30 or 10w40 dino, 87 octane over 90% of the time.
this is the strangest and most cumbersonme board to post a pic in I have ever seen.....

and why does it say that the poster can delete when I can't????

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Probably easier to post a link to the photo. Lots of free posting sites let me know if you need one?

How's posting a picture cumbersome? Use the conveniently provided image tags in front and behind the URL of your uploaded image. That works, unless that site won't allow remote loading. I'd like to see the spark plug image!

You aren't allowed to delete. Within two hours of posting you can however edit your post. You could easily trick a moderator into deleting your post, though.
Concerning the sparkplug I have to admit that it didn't do bad. Especially when considering Bosch Platinum +4's reputation. It looks like it ran a bit hot when you look at the porcelain. It's pretty much a bright white with dark flecks on it, a sign of borderline too hot. Is the center electrode worn down or is it flush when new? Obviously the plug fired on all 4 side electrodes at one time or another. How does the spark know which electrode to go to? It seems that some engines do well/ok with these plugs and some just hate them

Ken, you can't delete a post, because you are not allowed to do so.

You can post an image, if you use the proper tags (code). In order to display an image in your post, the image URL must be included.


If you see a red x or similar (depending on your browser), but no picture, it simply means that the image host won't allow remote loading. Either upload the image on your own paid-for site, or find a host that allows remote loading (ebay *cough* just upload an image but don't make a listing *cough*).
well, after 100k miles i expect a bit of discoloration. Heck, the threads have more "discoloration" than the porcelain.

let see, ave 2,500rpm, v6, 100k miles, 40mph, the moon's phase is....that's about 400 million sparks?....on one plug.

the center electrode "looked" pretty much identical to the ones I put in Saturday, I couldn't get the calipers down in there...

I can't explain it, but it's why i replaced them with another set just like 'em.... I only hope the rest of the car holds up another 100k.
Moribundman: you da man....thanx bunches...

one more thing: picture taken with nikon coolpix 950 on macro mode, photography is my main hobby, not replacing spark plugs!
thanx, ken (great name btw...)

many of those are with my simple and ancient Nikon coolpix 950, a 2.1 mpixel digital that has fabulous macro (close-up) capabilities (like 0.10 inches, which is why i still have it!)

the others are with my newer and considerably more complex Canon EOS 10D digital SLR. about $1500 gets you a camera body but no lenses... my main lens is the Canon 28-135IS, it'll set you back about another $500.

some guys spend their $$ on car stuff, I spend it on who's the more insane?

I have to work on my own cars, I can't afford to let anyone else!

1.) Why can't i delete my own post?

2.) and the semantics are wrong if you have to post a link instead of an actual image. which is fine, but that's not what it says. clarity is good. (btw, one of my jobs is documentation and spec writing)

A link is not an image and an image is not a link.

Now, I've tried it by the various icons presented; click on "image" and it gives you a URL (that's not an image, that's a link)....

pasting the actual URL to where I posted the picture (after giving up here), all it posts is a small dead-link red X....

You can have link to an image, which is what appears to be the case but the link is to an outside site.

which is what i've had to do here:
don't recall if I used any or not, appearances would stay not. I try to remember to use it but it's not something I've ever really had much problem with on the Toyotas.
Were they hard to get out? Some plugs can be a problem if left untouched for 102K with no neversieze. Or maybe Bosch coated the threads with something during production.
Glad to see that they worked well for you.

I had them in a '00 Ranger and every other cylinder had a shot plug after 20K mi due to the reverse firing of the spark plug. Put back in Motorcraft DP's and the problem was solved.

IMO, they don't work well in newer Ford motors, and seems to be the general consensus on the more prominate Ford forums.
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