Boeing 737 Max take-off

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Obviously a test done by Boeing.
Still that is impressive for a fat guy. Boeing field. I wonder if that was recent.
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Wonder where that was it certainly wasn't Renton Field.
Looks like Boeing Field to me but it could be Paine Field.
As the title says, this was done at the Farnborough air show in the U.K.
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As the title says, this was done at the Farnborough air show in the U.K.
LOL would look at the that. Didn't even read the title.
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Most likely minimal fuel load and no passengers or cargo.
Plus upgraded engines. cheers
The little tweaks they make for fuel economy seem so dead simple but they spent millions on them. (the extra set of winglets and the scalloped trailing edge of the turbine housing)
Any airliner carrying no pax/baggage/cargo with only a minimal fuel load and with no restrictions on thrust used can make an impressive takeoff and initial climb. A really powerful twin, like any 777 with similar load and fuel carried and with no thrust restriction would make this 737 takeoff look anemic. Airliners are made to carry loads of pax, their stuff and cargo along with enough fuel plus reserves and divertion fuel for a trip while using less than full available power for takeoffs. Get rid of all of that weight and shove the throttles all the way forward and any airliner offers impressive takeoff distance and rate of climb.
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