Blue Ford oval paint

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Oct 16, 2010
I have a 2008 Ford Taurus. The blue paint on the Ford oval attached to the grill is fading away. Has anyone repainted this? Any suggestions on how to proceed as far as masking off the Ford script? Thanks, Terry
I agree, order a new emblem but you might be surprised..Ford may pay for it.
When the front grill was replaced on my wife's 08 Explorer after she was hit in the front by a woman on a cell phone, the front Ford emblem is about gone....paint peeling etc.. In contrast, the front Ford emblem on the 97 Ford F150 I traded in back in May still looked great. It had a clear cover over it from the factory.
I've noticed a LOT of 2005+ Ford Superduty trucks have the same issue with the emblem fading. It looks really bad. I've seen a few F150 trucks with the issue as well.
The emblems on my 2009 Ranger are falling apart--a clear layer is peeling off and the blue is fading to white. Pretty sad that ford can't spend a few more cents to have their logo look good for more than a couple of years!
They usually will be covered under the NVLW. Depending on your dealer warranty status, they might have to take pictures and submit a request to Ford to do the repair before they can proceed.
Every emblem on the F-150 at work is wonky. The front blue oval emblem is peeling away, and on the F-150 emblems on the side, the black/chrome is peeling or rubbed off, or whatever it does. Seems like a common problem from what I've seen.
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