Best Synthetic Oil For Cleaning

Middlesex County CT
Shaeffer's Neutra 131 is a synthetic ester and can be used as a fuel additive or crankcase purge prior to OC.

I think it is touted as controlling carbon deposits, but don't know how it works vs sludge or varnish.
Upper Midwest
Why would you add any additive to the engine oil? It seems to me that an engine that new should not have a varnish build up. Just run some quality oil and be done with it. My 2003 Tacoma with 222,000 miles has no varnish or sludge anywhere running M1 at 10,000 mile intervals. If the engine is running warmer it seems to me it would be a good candidate for a quality synthetic oil instead of bulk oil.
This is so important. Like nearly every other thread on this subject there's no real evidence the engine needs "cleaning" is there? The visual impression that the oil was "dirty" and there was some varnish is not in and of itself a need for cleaning.

5 pages of How to Clean the Engine when in reality there's no real evidence it needs a thing.
Muncie, Indiana
Redline SI-1 has more PEA per $ than Gumout Regaine if that’s what you’re looking for in the fuel system but Gumout Multi can be used in the oil sump.

Techron sold in a bottle doesn’t actually have that much PEA according to recent MSDS, so Redline wins there too.
The SDS in no way says that the Redline product has more PEA, the data sheet says that it has 28-34%, and the recent techron SDS says it has 25-35% of "01154100-5179P" which is clearly PEA but obfuscated because MSDS documents really aren't a formula sheet they're about giving just enough information to satisfy OSHA and the NFPA and whomever else it may concern while protecting your exact formulation since it is a trade secret. From what I've heard back in the early 2000s the Techron SDS said something closer to 32% before the obfuscated the SDS and Redline may have been reformulated at some point and they massively reduced the concetration of PEA, Seeing how the Redline product costs about twice as much and has at most a few percent higher PEA concentration than the Techron although likely they are about equal the Techron is the best bang for your buck.