best oil strategy for keeping engine clean and preventing sludge in 2.7 chrysler

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Oct 25, 2002
Coeur d alene Idaho
My engine is known for sludge problems and timing chane failure. I am finishing an auto rx treatment. What would be best mobil 1 every 3k or dyno with 3 oz of auto rx every oil change. I am trying to figure out the best way to take care of car. 1998 chrysler concorde 2.7 53k Thanks
I would use Mobil 1 in the grade called for. There are pics on this board showing motors with many many miles run just on M1 and no sludge. Plus from what I have read here synthetics will clean an engine over time. Also with the M1 you could go 6k OCI easily to lessen the cost compared to dino.
Synthetic such as mobil 1 or a diesel synthetic such as rotella 5/40. What would prevent sludge better? My manual states a 10/30 would I be ok with a 5/40.
jessealan, sounds like either way you prescribed will provide clean, trouble-free service for a couple hundred thousand miles. I suggest using M1 every 4-5K just to make things a bit easier. Peform a couple UOA's to put your mind at ease with whichever path you choose. I'm sure you'll be satisfied either way. [Cheers!]
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