Back to doing my own changes agian, help me out.

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Jun 20, 2011
SE Ohio
Since we bough our cars new over 2 years ago and injured my back I've been using the dealer oil changes. Well, i'm pretty healed up and we just got a new house with a nice garage so it's time to start doing my own again. Her Santa Fe gets driven about 35-40 minutes each way mostly highway, plus trips on the weekend. I'll be doing 5k OCI's with it using OEM filters since Hyundai get antsy over aftermarket oil filters. With relatively short intervals you think it would be ok going with 5w30 GTX conventional or VWB since I hear they are a blend now, or go with a syn like Magnatec? My Ram gets driven about 20-25 minutes each way mostly highway, about 10-12k a year. So I plan on doing a spring/fall change schedule using either a wix or TG fram oil filter. The plan for this one is using a 5w20 Castrol Syntec or Valvoline syn. What are your thoughts? Thanks!
Sounds like pretty easy miles on both, especially the Santa Fe. If you use an oil that's at all better than spec I don't see why you can't use 0% OLM as your starting point.
Buy any oil thats on sale. You can penzoil platinum for 22 at wm and turn in a $10 rebate to make it a $12/5qt deal. Or wait for a n Autozone or orielys clearance sale advertized here. Good low priced oil. There are no bad name brand oils now. Even supertech is fine.
The truck has an OLM that wants to do 10k under my driving conditions, but the Santa Fe doesn't. It is a counter that you set at whatever you want to up to 7,500. I did a UOA a year or so ago and there was some fuel so 5k is kinda where I think I'm comfortable at with the 2.4 D.I engine.
+1 I agree with Johnny Johnson here. That works and would be a very good plan I think as well.
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i like the mobil I 10-30 extended performance yearly with a 6 month wix or OE filter if necessary. ohio like pa is not that cold making a 10-30 a better choice especially with a "synthetic" group III's included
Is the Santa Fe turbo equipped? If so then a high quality Synthetic that meets the specifications in your manual is my recommendation. Otherwise anything on sale that is a high quality branded conventional will do fine.
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I would def choose syn and I agree on 5k mile atitude on the 2.4 I think its a good idea on that engine. Id go syn 5w30 on both...although on second thought I would likely go for 0w30 on both. M1 AFE 0w30..if you wana stick with 20 weight on the truck use 0w20. I really like the AFE products from Mobil. OEM filter on the Hyundai if you are concerned, and Fram Ultra or Napa Gold on the truck.
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Too bad that Dodge can't take 15w40 because it would be so convenient to keep one oil on hand.
There, fixed it for you smile LOL
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Yeah, just as of very recently. I've run VWB in my LR3 for 5-7k intervals its whole life and it's doing great at 160k. Doesn't burn anything notable.
With the fuel dilution in the Hyundai it is probably best to go with a syn. I found Magnatec on amazon for 16.90 a jug. I wonder how it's cleaning ability is, compared to how Pennzoil products are or atleast used to be?
Advance Auto has a $30 special now for Pennzoil synthetic a Purolator Boss filter and a hat now.
Like your plans to use Valvoline. Good stuff. 5000 interval on the wife's vehicle should be just right. Since your truck is doing 10-12k with 6 month intervals, VWB could work fine for you there also.
On paper, Valvoline seems a bit weak. I wonder if they are using an organic add pack? I wouldn't mind running Synpower but it's a few dollars more than Syntec and seems to be a weaker oil.
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Buy american - owned oil don't use Pennzoil or quaker. Save American jobs. My opinion.
Not 100% sure but, aren't both Pennzoil and Quaker State owned by SOPUS out of Texas?
Guess he means Royal Dutch Shell owns them … bp owns Castrol etc … Mobil, Chevron, Valvoline HQ in US … They all make some lubes and do some R&D in the US …
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