Avett Brothers

Jan 27, 2004
Richmond, VA
Just letting everyone here know that if you have never really listened to the Avett Brothers, you are missing out. Powerful life stories in the lyrics, harmony that is straight from Heaven, I cannot believe that it has taken me this long to find them. Literally dozens of songs that are "my favorite".

For decades my favorite band has been Led Zeppelin, the hard rock blues always make me sing along. So many different types of songs and an incredible evolution over their time together. No other band has held a candle to them as far as the number of incredibily good songs....until now.

Music is always personal, what sounds perfect to you may not strike a chord with me at all. Its why my favorite question to newish friends is - what kind of music do you like. Luckily my friend Christopher said- you like rock/banjo/folk music? You gotta listen to the Avett Bros.
My wife and I have been fans for years. We finally got to see them live earlier this year. I prefer their earlier stuff to the current—just prefer the more folky style to the rockish style they are doing now.
Thanks, I'll have to give them a try, always fun to discover a 'new to me' musician or group.

One of my favourite artist 'discoveries' from a few years ago -

John Prine was a real gem. RIP.

Diamonds in the Rough and John Prine are probably my two favorite albums.

I've heard of but never heard the Avett Brothers. I'll have to check them out.