AutoRX after Head Gasket

I Have a 97 LX450 (same as a 97 80 series Land Cruiser). I just had the Headgasket replaced and there was a lot of carbon on top of the pistons. A lot more than expected for 114,000 miles. I had a great mechanic who cleaned up the pistons on top of the block really nice. The before and after pictures can be seen in this thread on IH8MUD: He also had the head milled and cleaned. The only place he could need all the carbon out was the ring packs. So I started the AutoRx treatment today to clean out the Ring Packs. Questions I have sine a lot of the carbon and crap has already been cleaned out, do I need one treatment or two. I plan on doing the maintenance phase when I change my oil. After the rinse phase I will go back to the Redline synth 5-30W oil that has Ester (spell?) in it. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks