Atp 205 in enginefor preventive maintenance

Jul 11, 2014
Paradise of Florida
Brake fluid is what was used by shady businesses to stop leaks in engines, transmissions, and PS pumps. What do you think ATP205 is? glycol ether!!! Brake fluid = glycol ether! And, higher up the brake fluid DOT scale includes more borate esters.

The term ester shouldn't be worshipped.

And yes, a few drops of ol' DOT3 brake fluid stops PS pump leaks, an ounce would stop engine/transmission leaks too. Bottling it for snake oil sales.... and this forum slams Lucas... looks like ATP and Liquimoly are no better!

After seeing the blind and foolish usage of glycol ethers(brands withheld) to 'good seals' in engines and transmissions trying to reduce a seal leak, I won't recommend their usage. Lets cause all other seals to expand, soften, or degrade to out-of-spec to try to eliminate one leak elsewhere.

The liquimoly is your typical motor oil honey with some 'glycol ethers' mixed in too.

My quickest way to stop a leak is to replace the offending seal. Best way to avoid the leak is to practice a safe/sane interval with quality oil. If a leak develops, then your oil or interval is pathetic. The market developed HM oils that don't shortcut the seal conditioners. I'd go with a thicker grade and HM oil long before even considering brake fluid remarketed as whatever snake oil you want.
Apr 15, 2010

In their defense they do says that their product, "...
  • Does not contain petroleum distillates, will not over-swell or breakdown seals.."

In any case there are plenty of posters who for various reasons can't replace a seal.
Sep 2, 2005
I wouldn't think seal conditioners would be bad to use occasionally . But I would only use seal swellers when it leaked and the vehicle was not worth putting money into. Rear main seals are costly to replace so I understand why people are considering using a stop leak product.