anybody deal with a deadbeat car insurance company

Whatever you do, don't give up. That's what they're trying to get you to do. I went through this situation in 1996 with A-Affordable Insurance. After numerous phone calls, with the reply that "our policy holder has not acknowledged this accident", I sicked State Farm on their sorry butts. Got my deductible back about 60 days later.
Unless she’s hurt, an attorney won’t give you the time of day unfortunately. Small claims may be your only choice.
You may be able to go to your state insurance regulation board or something like that. You may need to get a body shop to do an appraisal then if past certain amount of days no response from the insurance just go file a complain to the insurance commission / board / etc. They don't like that when the regulation gets involved.
Get your insurance company involved yesterday. Good grief - companies like this are flat out hoping to wear down folks like this who think they can handle it better than their insurance company and that they are going to get their rates damaged by filing a claim.

For the amount of money I pay my insurance company, I'll let them deal with it - and in the end of a claim like this you will get your deductible back and likely face little, if any, penalty.
Find his boss and threaten legal action with a lawyer letterhead. I almost had to go this route
And it worked? You just made up some legal letterhead as a Letter of Representation?
I once came back from the store in the mall parking lot to find my fender bent. The insurance company said it wasn't claimable because it happened on private property.
Insurance is supposed to cover you everywhere. Sometimes the police won't come out if it's in a parking lot or someone's driveway unless the damage is extensive.

Progressive will subrogate for your deductible, let them deal with the hassle. It might take a few months. I doubt your rates will go up unless you have multiple accidents but it's very hard to answer this question.
Your insurance company already knows about the crash. Insurance companies share information about cars and the people who wreck them with each other. You aren't fooling them, you're just annoying them.
Thanks we put in a call to Progressive they are going to subrogate the claim for us.
You should also file a complaint with the Texas State Board of Insurance. They need to know about how this company is operating, and if nobody complains, they won't know.
I'll quote myself below of what I commented on a post last year:

And for the millionth time: Claim 👏 with 👏 your 👏 own 👏 insurance 👏 not 👏 the 👏other 👏 person's 👏 insurance.

They will get reimbursed.
As long as you or your wife didn't sign anything, she can go to small claims court. Your own insurance company is basically out of the picture since the other driver was insured and at fault.. It is between you, your wife , Trxis One and the other driver who was at fault. Your wife should have gone to the hospital, Trexis would have wanted to settle more quickly with a better offer.
Simple rule of thumb: If someone runs into you, make the claim through your own insurance company.

Your own insurance company will go to bat for you and even recover your deductible. If it wasn't your fault an accident doesn't count against your experience.
Simple rule of thumb: If someone runs into you, make the claim through your own insurance company.

Your own insurance company will go to bat for you and even recover your deductible. If it wasn't your fault an accident doesn't count against your experience.
This will only work if you have full coverage. If you only have liability, you're at the mercy of the other driver's insurance company.

Unfortunately, the insurance industry is white collar crime.
Dealt with this. A guy with “Acceptance Insurance” rear-ended my wife.

Luckily I came here for advice early-on, and was advised to subrogate (wife was with Progressive).

Glad we didn’t have to deal with that 3rd-tier insurance co.

I think I’d still want to subrogate even if someone hit me and had a 1st-tier ins. co.
This is kind of new territory for us.

My wife's Tuscon was rear ended by a driver listening to headphones and looking at a cell phone. She was stopped at a light and the kid wasn't watching.

Cop was right behind the kid, and seen the whole thing.

Cop wrote the kid citations, and took insurance information.

So, we're dealing with his insurance company Trexis One. Never heard of it.

So, I get a claim going with them, and they want me to do photo verification of the crash.

So I take it to a normal body shop in my area who is certified for Hyundai/Kia body work. He takes about 50 pictures, and we submit the photos using their app.

Body shop says this is normal some companies use photo verification, and they cut you a check based on that.

Then they go to bat for a supplement, and do the job.

So we submit the photos with a PDF initial estimate of about 2500 bucks. Trexis One comes back and sends me a payment for $1200.

They also agreed to give us a rental car from enterprise, but only for 2 days. The shop says it will take at least a week, most likely two weeks to gather all the parts and complete the work.

The shop dismantles the car, and discovers a little more work. So the estimate is now $3000.

Trexis One denies the supplement, with no reason given.

The body shop sends them another 40 pictures showing the damage. Again denial.

Trexis One adjuster says he doesn't live in the area and doesn't go to the body shops to adjust in person, he only does it over the app and photos. I never heard of that before.

Now the adjuster at Trexis One is not returning my calls, or the shops call, and my wifes car is in the body shop in pieces.

What would your next steps be here?

I'm thinking I need to get my own insurance company involved and have them go to bat for me. But there goes my rates, but I guess thats what insurance is for.

I have very good progressive car insurance, and an agent. My agent advised I could make a claim but would have to pay my 500 deductible and my rates likely would increase but it would be a not at fault accident.

A google search of this Trexis One Insurance company reveals they have D- rating on BBB, and a bunch of complaints.
D- !!!
One thing people forget about their car insurance when they are in a car accident - regardless of who is at fault - you are contractually obligated to notify your insurance company (normally by calling your agent). People forget that is one of the "perks" of having insurance - letting the insurance carrier work for you.