anybody deal with a deadbeat car insurance company

Apr 17, 2004
Texas Hill Country
This is kind of new territory for us.

My wife's Tuscon was rear ended by a driver listening to headphones and looking at a cell phone. She was stopped at a light and the kid wasn't watching.

Cop was right behind the kid, and seen the whole thing.

Cop wrote the kid citations, and took insurance information.

So, we're dealing with his insurance company Trexis One. Never heard of it.

So, I get a claim going with them, and they want me to do photo verification of the crash.

So I take it to a normal body shop in my area who is certified for Hyundai/Kia body work. He takes about 50 pictures, and we submit the photos using their app.

Body shop says this is normal some companies use photo verification, and they cut you a check based on that.

Then they go to bat for a supplement, and do the job.

So we submit the photos with a PDF initial estimate of about 2500 bucks. Trexis One comes back and sends me a payment for $1200.

They also agreed to give us a rental car from enterprise, but only for 2 days. The shop says it will take at least a week, most likely two weeks to gather all the parts and complete the work.

The shop dismantles the car, and discovers a little more work. So the estimate is now $3000.

Trexis One denies the supplement, with no reason given.

The body shop sends them another 40 pictures showing the damage. Again denial.

Trexis One adjuster says he doesn't live in the area and doesn't go to the body shops to adjust in person, he only does it over the app and photos. I never heard of that before.

Now the adjuster at Trexis One is not returning my calls, or the shops call, and my wifes car is in the body shop in pieces.

What would your next steps be here?

I'm thinking I need to get my own insurance company involved and have them go to bat for me. But there goes my rates, but I guess thats what insurance is for.

I have very good progressive car insurance, and an agent. My agent advised I could make a claim but would have to pay my 500 deductible and my rates likely would increase but it would be a not at fault accident.

A google search of this Trexis One Insurance company reveals they have D- rating on BBB, and a bunch of complaints.
Find his boss and threaten legal action with a lawyer letterhead. I almost had to go this route
"I'm thinking I need to get my own insurance company involved and have them go to bat for me. But there goes my rates, but I guess thats what insurance is for."

Not necessarily. Call your agent ASAP. I suspect you will be fine. Note that most insurance carriers want to know if you've had an accident, even when not your fault, even when you don't plan to use your carrier to collect. Your tried to use his carrier, to no avail. Progressive can get their money from Trexis One eventually. Besides, it was a not-at-fault accident.
Maybe your state insurance commission would be able to help you out. Definitely worth a try. I had an accident (slid into a ditch) on snow covered roads Jan. 6th, 2022. The car went to one body shop and when I got it back there was still problems that weren't addressed. It's now been at the dealer shop for over 2 weeks. The insurance adjuster is just piddle farting around. I've already talked to my agent and I suspect he talked to the adjusters supervisor because I got a call from the adjuster the other day saying we needed to keep out the middle men. I suspect his supervisor chewed on his butt a little for taking nearly 2 months from the time it went into the first shop and still hasn't completed what was estimated as a 4 day job. If the car doesn't soon get back to me or isn't right when I get it back this time I'm contacting the KY Insurance Commission and filing a complaint. This is my own insurance (Auto Owners). I received my premium notice the other day and they increased my rates on 3 cars by approximately $150. I've already done some insurance shopping and Progressive is only about $5-10 higher every 6 months for the same coverage than Auto Owners was prior to the accident. I still plan to do more shopping.
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Call the adjuster or main claims office, ask to speak to the manager of the adjuster and explain what is going on. Let them know you’ll be contacting the state insurance commission within 24 hours.
I once came back from the store in the mall parking lot to find my fender bent. The insurance company said it wasn't claimable because it happened on private property.
You don't just get a voicemail?

If it doesnt ring at all, or just rings once or half of once and then just goes to Voicemail with regularity, your number is blocked.
The key is to get his supervisor involved if possible. Call the company line and ask if you can talk to the supervisor of this person. This will put some pressure to get the priority.

Chances are the supervisor was the one overloading the adjuster, so if you get to the supervisor he or she may priority the adjuster's work priority for you.
It's to the point with some auto insurance companies that being honest gets you screwed over. Some people would claim they have neck or back pain, ringing in the ears... see a lawyer and get paid $$$ out of a small accident in which they didn't actually get injured at all. My dad is a retired attorney, So I know. People have been getting "hurt" in auto accidents and getting undeserved settlement money long before any of us were born.
You wouldn’t have had a problem if you went to your insurance company.
This is why you pay them.
It wasn’t your fault, you have thousands of dollars worth of damage, and for some reason you’re only carrying a $500 deductible if your worried about costs raise your deductible.
I know you don’t want to hear this but I just don’t understand. Makes no sense to me. Your vechicle would have been fixed by now and you wouldn’t have had to do anything or any photos.
Not only that but your open to lawsuits and you never notified your ins of the accident. Meaning sure your not at fault, sure a cop saw the whole thing, but it doesn’t mean an attorney can’t file some whacky lawsuit (it happens) with a reason stating why they think your at fault.
More crazy things happen then people realize.

I could be wrong in this following statement but I wonder if YOUR ins company has a time limit to report the accident should you decide too now days or weeks later.

But the bottom line is your insurance would have taken care of everything stress free.
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