Any good adapters for Craftsman V20 battery to C3 19.2 V tool?

Jul 20, 2005
North of Seattle
I recently purchased some Craftsman tools with the V20 Li batteries but I also have some older C3 19.2 V tools. I only have 1 original C3 battery pack for the C3 tools and I don't want to purchase cheap C3 replacement batteries but would prefer to get an adapter to use the newer V20 batteries.
What would be the best adapter do get? Anyone have experience with this setup?

There are adapters made for all kinds of permutations of tools to batteries. Milwaukee to Makita, Ryobi to Makita, 20v to 18v, etc. A quick search on Amazon or eBay and you'll be good to go. The adapters all just provide a simple electrical connection from the battery to the tool without any voltage convertions or anything like that, so they'll all work equally well.
Yes, I see some on Amazon for Dewalt, Milwaukee, etc. batteries to C3 but I haven't found one specifically for Craftsman V20 to C3. I was hoping someone here may have experience with this exact conversion and would know which ones would work or would know if the V20 batteries are the same design as the Dewalt or other manufacturers.
I completely understand your situation! I was in a similar situation with Dewalt 18V a few years ago, where the obsolete batteries were obscenely expensive for outdated tech, and adapters are bulky. I finally decided to give the tools away and buy new ones. It was a good decision.