Amsoil Signature 5w2- 5.7 hemi

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Jul 2, 2014
Did a Cam swap in my truck and after a 1000 mile flush with yellow bottle penzoil, I switched back to my normal Amsoil 5w20 and this is 10000 later.
It was strictly for performance. When I took the OEM one out there was absolutely no signs of wear on it!
Wow, 10k miles and TBN was 6.7. Amsoil's Signature Series oil must have some excellent TBN retention.
I do love this oil, I realize its rather pricey but I do get it whole sale which makes it roughly 6.5 a quart. That's something I can handle when I would be changing mobil 1 or penz plat every 7k. I was using a wix filter which half way prompted the change alomg with I was nervous of any metal that might have been floating around from the swap. I went with the amsoil filter after the change along wity more amsoil signature and am thinking running it out to about 15k before I change again.
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