Amsoil and Quality Control

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Jun 12, 2003
Limon, Co
SO I get my oder of Amsoil in. My 02 Dodge 1500 4.7L calls for 6 Quarts. I drain all the oil. Took my time and let it all drain out until nothing was left dripping from the pan. then changed the filter letting it drain the same way. new filter on. poor 6 quarts in and and what do I behold im almost 3/4 of a quart TOO full. anyone else find Amsoil overfilly there bottles. I should have checked the bottle levels I know. Any ideas? [SPAZ!]
I've never had this problem. You should always go by the dipstick. Never rely on anything else. Even some of the manuals, especially Ford Focus's, are not accurate. My wife's car calles for 4.2 qts and it only shows half way full with that amount. Amsoil's quality control seems pretty darn good. Marketing is there problem. BTW, run a UOA on your oil. Dont assume ANY of there oils can go beyond 12K+ miles and be in really good shape. Especially S2k. Good Luck! [Smile]
Seems strange that each bottle would have an extra 1/8 quart. I have never seen overfilled bottles. Written oil capacities and reality are sometimes two different things.
Dont assume ANY of there oils can go beyond 12K+ miles and be in really good shape. Especially S2k. Good Luck!
YEa I only plan on going 5000. 95% of all my driving is less then miles round trip. I live too close to work..=)
I would not drain out 3/4 qt overfill in 6 qt V8 oil system. Not worth the hassle. Just curious how you know it's 3/4 qt overfilled. By the marks on the dipstick?
I went buy the dip stick your are correct. I did check it on a flat surface. I went ahead and drained about 2 seconds worth out and I nailed it. hits the top of the full line now. also checked it after starting it and then waiting a couple minutes to check it.
Let me clue you in on something I didn't know but do now and hopefully will help others. I had an isuzu pickup truck 4cly. I did an oil change one night, ran and check, everything ok. A day or two later, went back out, in the morning, open'd the hood, pull the stick and I was a quart low!. WOW, never seen that before but hey, dip stick can't lie, so I put another quart in. Later that day, checked it again to make sure I wasn't losing to fast, I then was a quart high!. What I learned was that when checking the oil with a dip stick, to first pull out the stick(even if it's been sitting all night), clean it off and reinsert. The isuzu has a rubber seal around the dip stick and will great an air block not allowing the oil to level out on the stick at the end of the day. Kinda like putting your finger over a straw and inserting it into a glass of water, water cannot go up the straw. First time I'd ever seen that.
anyone else find Amsoil overfilly there bottles.
I hope that's not a complaint.......LOL... I'm going to email Amsoil and ask them why I only get a quart in my bottles!!!
Hey, don't complain! They gave you a bonus! Of course, you were surprised by the bonus-they should have had a note on the bottles-extra amount included free!
yea really.. too bad I ad to dump a bit of it. NEVER had an oil be too full like that though. kinda made me paranoid. would hate to blow a seal or something.
Personally, I had rather have the bottles slightly overfilled than underfilled. Mobil must have had the same situation last summer when I was running tests on the M1 SS 10W30 and the "brew." I was always overfilling according to the dipstick but according to the bottles, I was right on. Luckily I had the Fumoto drain valve if I needed to drain a bit of oil. What I have seen at times is that when the blender has increased production, the metering system may go out of calibration under those long filling runs. [ June 20, 2003, 12:02 AM: Message edited by: MolaKule ]
The Amsoil bottles are consistently filled between the one quart mark and the one liter mark. I also noticed the 16 oz bottles of "PI" gas additive are filled 1-2 ounces above the 16 oz mark at the base of the bottle neck. So it's possible you could have been 6-8 ounces high on the refill ....of course you probably end up leaving 1/2 ounce in the bottles, unless you let them drain a long time. TooSlick
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