Anyone Else "Oil Flush" When Doing an OC?

I actually did this once; but I had ulterior motives! I forgot to replace the oil drain plug because I was being so ultra careful. And I didn't have any scratch for another quart... Sheesh. Once bitten twice shy, as they say.
My late father-in-law was big on waiting until nothing, and I mean nothing, was coming out the drain plug.
Wife tells a funny story about the first time she took her car to an oil change place after she moved out and was living on her own.
She took a book to read because in her mind it took two hours to change the oil, she never knew any different.
She goes into the waiting room, gets about three pages into the book, and they tell her that her car is done.
"Huh? What?" How can that be?"
In the case of an extremely slugged engine I might consider filling it all the way to the top of the valve cover with the solvent and letting it soak a day, then draining. Unless the problem is that extreme I’m happy to just drain the old oil and replace it.
Not sure of exactly how to phrase the title, so gave it my best shot! 🤷‍♂️

I have watched some Lake Speed Jr. videos recently and in one video he is changing the oil in his daughter's new Toyota. What surprised me is he did a step in the OC I have never thought about doing.

Anyone Else "Oil Flush" When Doing an OC?​

I flush my lightly abused used oil every 3k. Even top dollar Amsoil and soon to be HPL.
Since 1970 I've operated this way. Goes with the territory of being first & last owner and if necessary, removing the top of the engines at old age and seeing utmost clean engines.

Please don't attempt to teach this old dog new ways. Don't bother to tell me I waste money. I don't smoke, drink, waste money at fast foods, buy subscriptions / memberships / sports team tickets, jewelry......etc.
I could go on & on & on.
Yep, LSJr did it on the very first factory oil change. 'Afaik,' not doing it subsequently. Not something I'd do or have done and seems a bit over the top, imo. But other than pouring a new quart of oil through system, doesn't hurt anything. No idea how much oil and/or particulates left in system it would remove. Again, not something I'd do. Shorten the first oci, yes.
That was my take - it was bcs of break in metals … Not a regular practice.