Advance Auto Parts oil = BP/Amoco

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Aug 14, 2003
Buffalo, NY
I did a little research on advance auto parts brand motor oil. I was able to get a copy of the MSDS through 3E. 3E Company handles all Advance Auto's MSDS. I called them & they mailed me a hard copy of the MSDS (7pgs) within a couple of days. It turns out BP/Amoco of Cleveland Ohio is the manufacturer/supplier of these oils. The only tech data my untrained eye( [Roll Eyes] ) could pick out of the MSDS is flashpoint = 430degF, Viscosity = 10-11 CST @ 100c. for the 10w-30. Joel
really? I thought the word on this board that advanced auto parts oil was chevron supreme. I thought bp/ammoco wasn't in the oil game anymore? I haven't seen any bp/ammoco oil in any stores here. next time I go to bp/ammoco gas station I'm going to see what oil they sell inside their store.
Yeah, it's not what I thought either- especially with "compare to havoline" on the advance auto parts bottles [Roll Eyes] . BP/Amoco ownes & makes castrol as well. Check here: BP Joel
"BP/Amoco" may be the distribing arm that sells it. Chevron makes all of the Amoco oils to an Amoco spec, maybe one for Advance to their spec. You can look at the Chevron API license to see the Amoco oils.
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