Recent Oil Filter Buying Experience

Have not had any issues with Wal Mart around Louisville...They are stocked with filters and oil that I need along with the other products in the automotive section. Walk in get what I need and walk out...Easy Peasy...
I cannot relate when I see someone here comment that they can't get a filter for an oil change. I always have filters on the shelf, so when it's time for an oil change, I just grab the filter(s) off the shelf. The last service on my wife's Outback used up the last cabin filter, air filter, and left only one oil filter on the shelf. So next spring, when NAPA runs the Farm Days filter sale, I'll be stocking up again.

What is that Boy Scout motto, that we learned in our youth? Oh, yea. Be Prepared.
Also, in my local WM all the store prices are incorrect. You get to the register and they ring up at the same price as on-line irrelevant of what the shelf says. I noticed this a while ago. I guess there too lazy to update the shelf sticker, or there just scamming everyone - or maybe both. Of course you could probably wait and get an over-ride but it would likely take an hour....

Seems like this is the case everywhere I shop at the mainstream stores....groceries, hardware, clothes, you name it. Even restaurant menus that are not reflected when the bill arrives. I am putting it down to understaffing and ever escalating prices. I often spend at least another ten minutes when paying to get the charges corrected at check-out. As you may know, retailers have to correct the prices to the labelled amounts. Sadly, in my State they have passed a law that no longer requires items to be labelled on the product as long as they are they are indicated on the shelf. Waste more time looking for the actual price whenever I go shopping. All the fun has gone out of the shopping experience, just like travelling!
Not sure if it was mentioned, but the Walmart smartphone app can scan UPCs and provide prices. I’ve been told by WM associates that that’s why all the price scanners are gone.
I always use the app to scan prices.
Walmart near me now has all filters locked in the case. Been ordering from Amazon since its more convenient and often cheaper for Fram and ACDelco, especially since I have a deep stash of 5w20/5w30
If you are going to need filters and oil or whatever then the mindset should be to buy them when you see them.
Yes I have 16 filters for the New Mazda now. All at a price lower than the current price point. I'm set for filter for longer than I'm going to live very likely on oil and filters. They can do what ever they feel like.
For completely unrelated reasons I was at wmart early this morning, so decided to go look at oil filters. They had ZERO of the very popular 7317 size - really popular - works on like 20 years of Nissan and Honda vehicles along with a bunch of other stuff. Anyway, no fram 7317 of any flavor, no Supertech 7317, no mobile 1 110A, no K&N 1010. Zero, zilch nada.

Odd, they had what seemed like a lot of filters, but nothing for this fit.
I would imagine the manufactures will supply their full price buyers first , but then we as dumbed down consumers are being played for the fools we actually are.
I went to O'Reilly's AP for my wife's previous oil a change and was AGHAST when a Wix filter rang up for 12 dollars! I said give me the XP for 2 buck more.
And the 5qt Valvoline oil jug was over $35 also! Not going there again for L.O.F stuff!