Adding moly with LC in the oil?

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Jul 14, 2003
Ft Lauderdale, FL
Recently changed my oil to Mobil 1 and put in the first LC application of 6 oz. I have a product called Mr Moly (molybendum disulfide, ) on the shelf, and I've been wondering if it was safe/good idea to add the Mr Moly to the oil/LC mix?

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A VOA of molyslip is at:;f=11;t=000004

The only soluble moly add is their Trans-aide product, all others are powdered moly in suspension.

The problem with these adds is, how much do you add to your oil? If your oil already has moly, then don't use these adds. Too much of an additive can be as detrimental as too little. In additive chemistry, there is a breakeven point where adding more of a particular additive presents no more advantage, and in most cases, friction modification reduces with too much of the additive and may cause additive conflicts.

See this specific thread:;f=5;DaysPrune=75

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Thanks for the info. I thought that I could use the Mr Moly with the LC sort of like your 132/LC brew. I haven't put any in the engine yet, thought I'd ask first since I obviously have no idea. Thanks again.

I used a similar product in my 5.0 just recently. No problems, certainly no lumps when draining the oil. All that happened is that the car seems to start easier.


Originally posted by DavoNF:
All that happened is that the car seems to start easier.

Much easier, and more lively too.
I would look at Molekules post carefully, because there is some merit there, but on the other side of the coin, I have used MOLY for a long time.
As far as I know, unless you are using a newer SL oil, the moly will be fine. A more cost effective moly will be the Syn, but too the NATURAL IMO I like better, and get the biggest engine performance and MPG increases.
If you can, look into one that has a lot in the oil to begin with... and as for additives, I've used them, and you have one so why worry, you do UOA's, give it a shot and see... heck you may like it for YOUR brew. If not, I'll give it a try and post the results for the board to see... just let me know and I'll send you my mailing info... hehe hehe
The M1 I just put in the engine is SL rated. I am going to call Mr Moly and see if I can get more info from him before doing anything else. Thanks guys.
Well, sunofagun. I just read the can of Mr Moly, and printed on it, besides Made in Cananda is "Contact us at Molyslip Inc," I guess that gives me some info to work with. Molekule, with that new piece of info in hand, how much do you suggest I add to a crankcase full of 5 quarts of Mobil 1 5w-30 and 6 oz LC? Oil's got 400 miles on it now.
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