According to this, Mobil 1 is a Group III oil....

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Sep 7, 2002
Jefferson, Wisconsin
Shortly after Mobil lost their lawsuit, most oil companies started reformulating their synthetic oils to use Group III base stocks. Most of the "synthetic oil" you can buy today is actually mostly made of this highly-distilled and purified dino-juice called Group III oil. Group III base oils cost about half as much as the synthetics. By using a blend of mostly Group III oils and a smaller amount of "true" synthetics, the oil companies can produce a product that has nearly the same properties as the "true" synthetics, and nearly the same cost as the Group III oil. Mobil-1 is now primarily made from Group III unconventional base oils. The much more expensive traditional synthetics are now available in their pure forms only in more expensive and harder to obtain oils.
Its a good long writeup, but some of the information is a bit off base. Have at it...
I doubt very much that Mobil 1 is a Group III, and if it is a Group III then it is a better Group III then some of these other ones, which do not flow well in the cold. My guess is that Mobil 1 is probably something like 80% PAO and the rest conventional motor oil/and or ester. You need the conventional motor oil or ester so that the additives will stay in solution, unless Exxon/Mobil has solved that problem. People in freezer tests have shown how Mobil 1 will flow freely in the cold. Some of these Group III 'synthetics' do not flow well in the cold at all. If Mobil 1 is a Group III, then it is one of the best available. And probably still performs 90% as well as a PAO.
Acccording to the lastest information we have seen - Mobil 1 uses no conventional oil even in their additive package.
From Mobil's website:
To meet the demanding requirements of today's specifications (and our customers' expectations), Mobil 1® uses high-performance fluids, including polyalphaolefins (PAOs), along with a proprietary system of additives. Each Mobil 1 with SuperSyn™ viscosity grade uses a unique combination of synthetic fluids and selected additives in order to tailor the viscosity grade to its specific application.
If they were using GIII instead of PAO, then they would be in a lot of trouble with the Feds for false advertising. Castrol got away with their false advertising back in the days, because GIII oils exposed a loop-hole in the definition of synthetics. Just goes to show that there is a lot of info on the internet.....a LOT of it is plain crap! Rick
Ask the clown at the atv forum to PROVE IT. Where does he get his info from [Roll Eyes]
"Mobil 1® uses high-performance fluids, including polyalphaolefins (PAOs)" Could be 20% PAO and 80% Grp III from all I know. Not that it is likely anyway.
It does not matter what Mobil 1 is made of-we know that it works and works well. Does it really matter if an oil is Group III, PAO, ester. or a combination of these things, as long as it works? Let us say that we discovered tomorrow morning that Mobil 1 is a Group III oil. Would you suddenly stop buying it? Maybe you would consider it overpriced, whatever. But could you deny that it is a good oil? Lets us say that we discovered that Mobil 1 is a Group III and in testing it outperformed Amsoil which is a PAO. Would you suddenly switch to the Amsoil because it is a PAO, even if the Mobil 1 outperformed it?
Originally posted by Leo: "Mobil 1® uses high-performance fluids, including polyalphaolefins (PAOs)" Could be 20% PAO and 80% Grp III from all I know. Not that it is likely anyway.
That would be their blend!
I asked Mobil this and this is what they said via email response. "Absoltely not! Mobil 1 is Group IV and V only."
Yes I would not go near M1 if I actualy learned that they too had been disceiveing me about the nature of the product. The end does not justify the means!!! When I buy an oil I am paying for the chemistry!
I strongly argue that post represents perhaps a new facet of Castrol Sham-Tec's marketing department. Castrol-North America is now resorting to propoganda and psychological warfare tactics to further discredit Mobil-Exxon and PAO's in general. Eeek, I wish I had that icon for the B***SH*** flag icon [Smile]
Last week I called Castrol tech re the new super duper 5W30 Formula R synthetic. I asked "does it contain any PAO or ester" and after some silence was told "no". Good answer for me this time only because it's for RX rinse mode but the price of A$62 for 5-litres of Group III is a joke IMO!!
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