Absolute best looking black paint for a car

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Apr 30, 2003
austin, texas
bmw? mercedes? infiniti? other? You pick! Tell me which automotive manufacturer you believe produces the best looking black paint for their cars. Name the specific car if applicable.

I vote for mb obsidian black.
Not Acura! I hate the [censored] blue sparkles in the supposed "black" paint. Not so bad when the car is dirty or it's overcast but when it's clean and the sun is shining on it, I hate the blue.
I detail cars on the side and have done a zillion black ones. For paint quality, Lexus does a very, very nice black. Not much orange peel, not too hard to polish out nicely.

Porsche paint is almost universally good, low orange peel, a bit on the soft side which makes it easier to polish to perfection.

I've detailed plenty of BMW's in Jet black or Black Sapphire Metallic and all look good but their paint show more orange peel in recent years. Can't say I've ever been totally impressed with Mercedes paint, either.

Nicest looking black paint I've detailed recently is a Dodge ACR Viper. They're painted by Saleen in Detroit. Up close the factory did a lousy polishing job, but when properly detailed it really looks great.

Not sure about other makes, but the black on my BMW is very susceptible to oxidation. It's also very easy to show swirl marks, even if you do wash it properly. Then again, it was the same issue on my black honda, so I suspect it's not just a bmw thing.

Black Audis are nice.

My friend's 98 Mercedes C230 had one of the best paint jobs I've ever seen, black or any other color. It had absolutely no orange peel and after a wax job, was like a rolling mirror. It made me KINDA want a black car, but they're just too much work.
Audi Brilliant Black is good all around.

I had one or two in my day...

(pics are meager quality)



There was a very nice 1st gen Camaro that came to one of our weekly meets a month ago and it had the nicest black paint job I have ever seen. It wasn't factory original but the shocking thing I found is that it wasn't a clearcoat paint job but it was lacquer! This paint looked like glass, not a mark of any kind on it and super smooth (absolutely no orange peel whatsoever) I didn't ask how much it cost but I would assume it probably was well over $15,000. This car had the best of everything on it (including a GM 502ci crate motor) so I'm sure the owner spared no expense.
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